I started working at this small auto dealership as a part time receptionist during high school. I was a eye candy for all the men. I was called in one day to cover for the fat receptionist, something about her brat was sick or what ever. I walked in through the back like always. After I clocked in I went to the bathroom in the break room. I was changing into my new short skirt and low cut black sheer blouse when I heard the top salesman and a few of the other guys walk in and they started talking about me. I stood in the bathroom listening to their desire and what they would do to me. It was like I was a piece of gold that they all wanted to touch just for a moment. It empowered me to learn that they all wanted my tight body. I built up the courage to walk out of the bathroom. As I did they all got pale in the face and stopped talking. I giggled as I walked by. I purposely dropped something out of my bag, I bent over knowing that my skirt was so short that it would ride up my sexy legs and show my shaved wet pussy. hehehe I dropped my panties… You could hear them hold their breath. I stood up and just walked away. A little while later I walked up to the lead sales men that he could use me when he tries to close a deal. I would walk up to the men and tell them how sexy the car is, show my ass and tits off and he would pay me in either cash or orgasms. My pussy was so wet just from telling him about my idea that I started dripping down my legs. He just sat there thinking, and watching my pussy drip down my legs. We were the only ones there, and he got up and walked to me. I couldn’t hide the fact that I was so turned on that I could not control my breathing. It was fast and hard. He bent down in-front of me and pulled up my skirt, and turned my leg a little and he licked up my thigh as he traced the line of my pussy juiced up to my clit. He put his lips around it and sucked so hard. I moaned and pulled his hair as he sucked my pussy until I came so much that I became weak. From that moment on I was his, He owned me.

Erotic roleplaying is my specialty. I love weaving a creative story for us as we both cum together! Call me babe!