Foot Fetish Lovers, Come Play With Rebecca’s Feet

Since you have a thing for foot fetishes andFoot fetishes sex, I’m more than happy to tease the hell out of them for ya. Here’s what we can do:

First off, let me start by slipping off these bad boys from my sneakers and giving them a little wiggle in front of your face. My toenails are painted this super cute shade of pink that matches my lipstick perfectly – it drives guys wild when they see it. As I wiggle them around, I might even give you a little peek at the rest of my toes curling up in anticipation or tickling your nose just to drive home how fucking irresistible they are.

Next up? How about some gentle rubbing against your hard-on? You know those scenes where girls grind their asses on dudes while dancing or something? Well, why not try that with my feet instead? Slowly but surely, I’ll start moving closer and closer until our bodies are pressed together tight as fuck; then all bets are off as far as self-control goes because once those soft soles make contact with your throbbing cock… well let’s just say things will get real interesting real fast!

Now imagine if instead of grinding against just any old thing though – imagine if every time our hips met there was this delicate yet firm pressure applied directly onto the head of your dick through thin fabric only held between us by fate itself… That would be enough to make any man lose his mind! And trust me, I’m not above using that little trick to my advantage. In fact, I might even start rubbing circles around the tip of your cock with the ball of my foot just to see how long it takes for you to explode all over yourself.

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