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Ass Fetish Expert Teaches You Anilingus Acrobatics

Ass Fetish Turns You Into an Anilingus Acrobat

As an expert in ass fetish fun, it’s my job to turn you into an anilingus acrobat. You never thought you would like eating ass. But you forget everything when you have a beautiful woman with her legs in front of you. Start slowly. Devour my cunt until you’re ready to slide that tongue down to that chocolate starfish. 

ass fetish

Rim my asshole with your tongue and watch me shiver. My moans get more addicting the more you tickle my asshole. Drawing circles around my asshole with your wet tongue. Your cock is still rock hard. You like the way the crinkles of my asshole tease your tongue. And you love watching my toes curl when you drag your tongue up from my tight asshole to my sloppy wet pussy. But I’ve never been a patient woman. We’re going to take your ass fetish to whole new levels. 

Eating Ass Leads To Ass Sex Porn

It’s your turn to lie down on the bed. Your cock is jumping and leaking precum. I think it deserves a little attention. I sit on your face reverse cowgirl. Your tongue is teasing my asshole again and I start stroking your cock. The more I ride your face the more my holes get hungry for that cock. You’re going to use my mouth first. I push your dick balls deep down my throat. From this angle, you can see the slippery wet asshole so much better. 

ass fetish

You don’t even hesitate. You spread my ass cheeks apart and push your face into my asshole. Your tongue pushes it’s way into my ass hole. The tip of your tongue twists and turns in my ass. Then darts back and forth. It looks like I woke up the real ass fetish pervert inside of you. 

You definitely deserve an award for your anilingus acrobatics. I climb off your face and climb on to your cock. You did such a good job of lubing up my ass it would be a waste not to use it. I slide my dick on that thick dick. My asshole is still so fucking tight, but the spit leaking from my asshole is perfect for making it nice and slippery. I can ride your dick like this all night. 

Exhibitionist Sex Addict Wants to Summertime Beach Fucking

Exhibitionist sex and summertime beach fucking are a match made in heaven. I love knowing that anybody could be watching me taking your cock. I wear a tiny thong bikini so that everyone will already be staring at me when we got there. We’ve fucked so many times on the beach that we decided to do something new. Usually, you finger my pussy while I’m lying on my towel and then push your cock into my pussy pretending to lube me up with sunscreen.

exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist Sex Addict Loves Fucking on the Beach

Today I decided I wanted to get wet. When we got hip deep in the water I started grabbing your cock through your swim trunks. You know how much I love exhibitionist sex and this was my way of asking for it. Your dick got hard for me. I pulled down your trunks and started stroking your cock. Then I untied my bikini completely. I handed you my top and bottoms and then ducked under the waves.

Summer Time Beach Fucking with Sexy Mercy

I had to be quick. Your cock was so salty. But I was used to not breathing when I deepthroated your dick. I got it as far down my throat as I could. Then I popped out of the water smiling. “This time grab my hair.” Then I went back down, holding my breath while I sucked your dick. You even started thrusting your cock down my throat. I had to tap you to let you know I needed to breathe. A few seconds of cock sucking wasn’t going to be enough to make you cum. You need exhibitionist sex to make that horny cock happy.

exhibitionist sex

I wrapped my legs around you and helped you slide your cock into my wet pussy. Even in the water you could feel how slippery wet my pussy was. You were squeezing my ass while you pumped that cock in and out of my pussy. All the teasing made you fuck my pussy hard. I was cumming on your cock so fucking fast. But you just kept pounding that pussy. I could see the people on the beach watching you fuck me. It just made it hotter.


Phone Humiliation Is Perfect for Foot & Ass Licking Losers

You Beg for Phone Humiliation

Phone humiliation is for pathetic losers with little cocks. You know you deserve to be treated like you’re the dirt stuck to the bottom of my shoe. With your pathetic little foot fetish you have, I bet you wish you were the dirt underneath my shoe. How about we start there. Lay down on the floor and I’ll step into my sexiest heels.

I won’t step on you until you start begging for it. I want to hear the pathetic moaning and see that cute dicklet starting to throb. You’re going to have to lick my shoes to prove how badly you want it. Only the most pathetic little pet can take their foot fetishes that far. When I’m satisfied with the way you polish my heel, I’ll finally give you the privilege of stepping on you. My heel digs in deep, but you like the little bit of pain when I put all my weight down on you. I use my other heel to tease your cock.

phone humiliation

Mistress Mercy Satisfies Your Ass and Foot Fetishes

I laugh at how small it is. Then I laugh at how desperate you are. Your tiny prick looks so swollen> I was hoping it would get bigger at some point, but it’s obvious you’re not a grower or a shower. Since you can’t make me cum with that tiny cock, then I’ll have to use your tongue instead.

I spread my sexy legs and take a seat on your face. Then I tell you to put your filthy tongue inside my asshole. You’re lucky that you even get to do that. Clean that dirty shit hole like the pathetic pet you are. I keep teasing your cock with my heels. The moment I wrap my hand around your cock and start to stroke you’re cumming all over yourself. Tiny and sensitive. The way I like my little playthings.

Voyeur Beach Sex Makes Me a Horny Exhibitionist Slut

voyeur beach sexNasty voyeur beach sex makes your girlfriend so fucking horny. I love wearing the skimpiest bikini to the beach. I know every cock out here would rip off the tiny bikini and fuck the shit out of me. You know it too, because I won’t stop teasing your cock. Whenever we’re near people I grab and tease your cock through your trunks, or whisper in your ear how much my pussy misses you. You didn’t think I was serious about fucking on the beach until I asked you to put some sunscreen on my back. While you rubbed my shoulders, I pulled my bikini to the side and started rubbing my clit.

Hot Girlfriend Mercy Begs for Voyeur Beach Sex

You warned me that people might see. But I just moaned that exhibitionist sex is even hotter. Your cock gets hard watching me play with my pretty cunt. I can feel it rubbing against my back. You’re trying to hold back, but I turn around and grab that hard cock. Your dick jumps when I wrap my hand around it and I giggle. Then pull you into a kiss. I’m pumping your cock against my bare stomach and begging you to fuck me right here on the beach. You know better, but your dick is making all the decisions now. 

Fuck My Shaved Wet Pussy Oceanside

You push my hand away and push me back on to the blanket. Then you spread my legs apart and force your fingers into my cunt while you stroke your own dick hard. I pull the string so that the bikini bottom falls off and then do the same with top. You pull my thighs towards you until your horny cock is rubbing against that shaved wet pussy. Your dick sinks in so deep to that wet cunt. I moan loud enough for anybody near buy to hear us and beg you to fuck me harder. I want you to creampie my cunt while they watch.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Slut Mercy Fucked in the Elevator

naughty neighbor phone sexNaughty neighbor phone sex is easier when I’m the slut neighbor in your building. I just can’t keep my legs closed. You see me leaving the house everynight in tiny dresses and blouses that show off my pretty tiddies. It makes your cock so fucking horny. Looking at myself in a sexy dress makes me horny as fuck too. I caught a glimpse of myself in the panels of the elevator door and it made my pussy so wet. My cunt was so horny I couldn’t resist. I step in and started to finger fuck my cunt as soon as the doors closed.

Caught Your Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Slut Playing with my Pussy

I didn’t realize you were walking into the building behind me. You caught the elevator as soon as it was closing and saw me playing with my pussy. It was too late to hide it, so I just kept fucking my pussy. I spread my sexy legs apart further so you could see just how wet my bald cunny is. You have two choices. You can either watch like a pathetic coward or fuck the shit out of me. There’s only one right answer. You pull out your cock and it’s fucking huge. My mouth starts watering for that thick cock. Good choice.

Let’s Make our Own Naughty Neighbor Porn Vid

I reach down and start stroking that cock with the same hand that was just cupping my pussy. My cunny honey is smeared all over your cock. I beg you to bend me over and fuck me. You pin me against the wall of the elevator. I arch my back deep and beg you to fuck me. But that dirty cock pushes into my tight asshole instead of that sloppy wet pussy. Your balls are dripping with my pussy juices. My fingers are still inside my cunt. My ass grips that cock. Cum inside this slutty asshole from something straight out of a naughty neighbor porn video.

Ass Sex Porn Addiction Makes You Cheat with Sexy Mercy

Ass Sex Porn Makes Your Cock Ache

Your ass sex porn addiction has gotten out of control. Your wife never let you in the backdoor so you thought porn would stop you from thinking about it. You spent hours stroking your cock to girls getting anally drilled. All of them so much sexier and sluttier than your prude wife. You didn’t want to cheat, but stroking your cock wasn’t enough anymore. You needed to feel a real ass gripping on your dick. I was just your wife’s friend. But there were rumors around the neighborhood that I am a total anal whore.

ass sex porn

Mercy Helps You with Your Ass Fetish

The next time I came over you asked me about it. I admit that I love getting my ass stretched out and used. Your cock gets hard while we talk about it. The more I talk about my ass fetish, the more your dick throbs for me. I know that I’m teasing your cock. Then, I ask you if you needed an ass to fuck and grab your cock. You nodded and I pulled out that horny cock and told you to start stroking. Next, I took everything off and bent over on the couch.

You spread my ass cheeks apart and pushed your tongue in my asshole. You loved tongue fucking my dirty shithole. That tongue wiggled inside of my asshole and lubed it up while you stroke your cock. You spit on my ass and then line that thick cock up with that tight fuck hole. Then you pushed your cock in deep and watched my ass stretch around your cock. Slow deep strokes in my ass until I beg you to fuck me harder. You start pounding your dick in my ass just like you see in all of your hardcore ass sex porn vids.

Small Dick Humiliation Compares You to a Real Cock

Small Dick Humiliation is the Only Way I’d Fuck You

And small dick humiliation works better when you have a real man’s dick to compare yours too. As soon as a slut pulls your pants down, she has to fucking laugh. If we’re honest your little pricklet is just an oversized clit. And when I need a real cock, we go out and find me one. It’s not hard to find a cock bigger than yours. I could pick any man in the room to be honest. Yet, I still seem to bring home the hugest fucking cocks on the planets and make you watch. 

small dick humiliation

Tonight, I brought home a big black bull. When I pull down his pants you get embarrassed all over again. His cock is 3x the size of yours and he’s not even fully hard yet. And I make it even worse. I get down on my knees in front of that huge cock, and put that heavy monster right on my face. He’s bigger than my fucking face and my mouth is fucking water. I don’t even suck your micro peen anymore. But I’m inhaling his black cock like a filthy fucking whore. Spit flies out of my mouth while he fucks my face. I look so fucking happy and he’s not even inside me yet. 

Watch That BBC Stretch My Shaved Wet Pussy

I want you looking me in my eyes when he slides his thick cock inside of me. I’m on all fours with you sitting in front of me. Your pathetic clitty is spitting out dribbles of precum while a real man is lining up his dick with my tight cunt. He pushes his cock inside my shaved wet pussy and I scream louder than I ever have for you. His cock stretching me out makes me say the filthiest things.

I’m screaming about how good his fucking cock feels. You can’t even look me in the eyes while you lamely pump that pathetic shrimp dick. So instead I kiss you. Let you taste his precum still in my mouth. Just to break the kiss to tell him his cock is too deep. That’s the last fucking straw. The cum is flooding from your balls up to that two inch shaft and seeps out of the tip of your cock. We both laugh at the mess you made. Furthering your small dick humiliation. 

Shaved Wet Pussy Teased Under the Table

Make My Shaved Wet Pussy Crave You

The vibrator in my panties keeps teasing this shaved wet pussy. You said you’d be taking me out to dinner. Right before we left, you handed me a pair of panties with a vibrator inside. I put them on excitedly, but I didn’t realize the torture you were going to put me through. We sat down at the table, and you turned on the vibrator at the lowest setting. It made my cunt feel so good. My cunt was throbbing under the table. But I still had to pretend like everything was normal.

shaved wet pussy

Your Tease and Denial Drives my Cunt Crazy

You keep raising the vibrator strength. The throbbing and thrumming against my clit was driving me wild. I was trying to fucking hard not to cum. But this tease and denial was driving me crazy. Every time I got close to cumming, you turned the vibration down or started going on a different pattern. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed your hand and dragged you out to the car so that I could swallow that cock. My mouth was soaking wet. My lips wrapped around the swollen mushroom tip of your cock and I started to massage your cock with my tongue.

You had both hands on the back of my head. You’re thrusting your cock right to the back of my throat. The spit and drool leaking from my mouth and covering your dick. Your cock just feels so good inside of me. Fucking my throat isn’t enough when you’ve been teasing my shaved wet pussy all day. I pull my dress up and climb on top of you. Both hands on the steering wheel. I slide my pussy down on your dick and start to bounce. I’m so fucking desperate to finally cum. My cunt barely lasts a few strokes before my legs start shaking. Now it’s your turn to cum.

Sub with Ass Fetish Begs to Worship This Ass

Your Mistress Tends to Your Kinky Ass Fetish

I know you’re a dirty little pervert with an ass fetish. You’re not like other men. You don’t just like a nice juicy ass or a tight perky booty. You need it. You’d do anything to be able to worship an ass properly. Luck for you, your Mistress Mercy is has a tight shithole that loves attention. I want to make you my ass worship play thing. So get down on your knees and get that dirty tongue ready for me.

I’m going to bend over and let my ass jiggle a bit. Your hypnotized by the way my hips are shaking and those ass cheeks are moving. But what really makes your dick hard is when I grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart as far as I can. You can see that brown fuck hole an your mouth waters. I push my asshole out and make it wink for you. Now get to worshiping your hot sexy woman.

ass fetish

You Get to Worship a Hot Sexy Woman

Your tongue licks all over my asshole. Push your tongue deep inside that dirty shit pipe. I grab your face to force you deeper and deeper into my ass. You’re smothered and loving every minute of it. Your slobber covers my ass cheeks and makes me a sloppy mess. It would be a shame if I didn’t put all that lube to good use. And that cock between your thighs looks a little dry.

I bend forward further and grab my ankles. You take the invitation and slowly push your horny cock into your favorite hole. You fuck me the way I tell you to. Long strokes at first. I want you to enjoy the feeling of my tight ass slowly stretching to take your cock. Then I tell you to let loose. Fucking my ass is your reward for your dedicated worship. Now cum for Mistress.

Shoot Photos of Sexy Chicks, and then Shoot Inside Them

sexy chicks

You love sexy chicks, and you love taking pictures of them even more. You sent me a message and told me you wanted me to be the next model for your photo shoot. I looked at your profile and thought you looked sexy, so I wore something nice and sexy. When I showed up to the photo shoot all you could think about was spreading those legs apart and getting in between them. Especially when I stripped down to my sexiest lingerie and posed for you. Every inch of my body is incredibly sexy and the lust is overwhelming.

Sexy Chicks Spread Their Legs for You

When the shoot is done I come to flirt with you. I’m still in that revealing lingerie and you’re still staring at those smooth, sexy legs. I catch you staring and ask you if you’d like to touch them. Of course you would. That’s when the fun really begins. It’s clear that we both want each other and I’m not shy. I press my lips against yours and let your hands rub all over my tight body. Your hand grab my ass and give it a tight squeeze and then a nice hard slap. 

My Photographer Has an Ass Fetish

I bend over to show that ass off and pull those panties down. You dive right into that asshole and push your tongue in deep. It looks like someone has a filthy little ass fetish. You spit on my asshole and start pumping your dick for me. Come slide it inside baby. You line up that thick meat pipe with my tight as. It slides in so slow. Letting you milk your cock with that grippy asshole. I love when your balls hit my clit from behind. Your hands are in my longer hair. Pulling me backwards and making me take your cock even deeper. Fuck I need a load of cum inside of me.