Foot Fetishes having Sissys love Chocolate Goddess Evita

Foot Fetishes having sissys are my favorite type of sissys. I have this one that I call after I have had a long day of wearing some of my thigh high latex boots. My feet are so hot and sweaty after wearing them and he loves to come lick and suck on my perfectly manicured, chocolate toes. foot fetishes

My toe sucking sissy bitch loves to come play with my feet the most when they are super dirty and crusty so before he comes over, I walk around my garden and outside my house and let the dirt get all between my toes, underneath my toenails, and on the bottoms of my feet. I make him lick them clean whenever he has the honor to come and devour me!foot fetishes

When he gets to my house, I make him put on a sexy little maid outfit that’s too short and lets his sweet sissy ass hangout as he cleans and worships my feet. I allow him to jack off his sissy pussy pocket and cum on my feet when he is ready to blow.  I make him lick all his pussy cream off of my toes! To show his appreciation he hands over his wallet while kissing and sucking all over my pretty toes and I take all his money from him!

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