Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying is wild and I’m ready to have some fun and play with you tonight. I want to seduce you and have my way with you. I want you to be mine for the night and bow to my every whim. I’ll bring you to my lady shed where you can serve me like the queen I am. I have all sorts of pillows in my room so that you can be comfortable while you are pleasing me, not that you deserve it though.

                I have a beautiful sex swing that I’ve been dying to try out. Do you think that tonight would be a good time to try it out? After you help me get all set up and into it, you hold me still, get on your knees and start eating my pussy. The way you work your tongue on my clit and inside my pussy feels amazing. You are by far the most experienced guy I’ve had orally. If you are that good with your tongue, I can only imagine how your dick feels.

                I lean back in my swing as you keep using your magic tongue on my body. I thought I would orgasm from your dick inside me, but to my surprise, my legs start to tremble, and my juices start running down my legs.

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