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Naughty Teacher Season is in Session

naughty teacherIt is naughty teacher season! I am back in the classroom in two weeks. I am on campus daily though setting up my syllabus and helping with orientation. I picked up a young incoming freshman last week and we have been fucking like crazy. He is hot for teacher, and I am becoming addicted to his beautiful cock. It is rare that I find a boy who is the entire package like him. Handsome, young, athletic, hung and smart. That is the perfect combination of beauty, brains and brawn.  He wanted to fuck in my office today. We had an early morning rendezvous in my office. No one really on campus that early when campus is not in session. We did some erotic roleplaying, much like I do with my callers on a regular basis. We pretended he was in my class and not maintaining the C average he needs to play ball. Of course, this sexy milf teacher had a way for him to improve his grade. This boy is a natural cunt licker. He had me half naked on my oak desk with my legs spread wide with his face buried between my legs. I was squirting on his face and clutching his ears with my thighs. He kept on eating the teacher’s pussy until I was begging for mercy. You know I rode his young, throbbing cock on top of my desk too. My pussy was drenched wet, so no lube was needed. His big cock snaked its way up through my womb. I could feel his cock pulsating in my pussy. This was a hot fuck. But then I think all I know how to give is a hot fuck. This boy will likely not be in one of my introductory psychology courses, but he will be my pet all semester long. Mature phone sex women just need those young cocks as much as they need them.

Phone sex caller

fantasy phone sex

As a pedo mommy phone sex operator I get to hear and talk about all kinds of sexy kinky topics…One of my callers last night called himself a “pedo faggot” who has a fetish for porn that shows when someone giving a deep throat blow job pukes all over the guys dick and lap and legs. My caller of course was watching little ones do this vs adults.  I could hear the soft cries and slurping gagging sounds drift thru the handset of my phone from the background sounds playing from his end of the call.

I m not embarrassed to say my panties went moist with the thoughts of him watching this and jerking his erection. He then continued to command my attention with his description of his desire to “slurp the snot and puke from the little one’s nostrils and savory swallow it all. He proceeded to explain to me how he wanted to be their “mommy’ and teach them how to have sex and lick each other’s sexes/ This caller was borderline obsessed with telling me how he wanted to sniff their buttholes and lick their butthole juice out with this tongue.

He wanted to sniff all the vomit that covered there faces and he inhales deeply and I’m sure without looking he has a thick erection poking out his pants begging to be tugged.    It was then he switched gears to sissy training and wanted a detailed description of me picking out a flower girl dress for him to wear, he wanted lots of petticoats and Mary jane shoes for his “faggot” feet.

As my cunt was humming buzzing with excitement of talking about all these filthy dirty things the slick slippery moisture soaks thru my g string and thru to the crotch of my tight camel toe showing jeans. I gently trace my fingers thru my own slit and carefully finger the crease of my cunt and can’t resist masturbating as the caller continues with his filth. It doesn’t take me long to rub out an orgasm,

I feel the hot rush of it building in my crotch and my cheeks flush and my body shivers and shakes and I release and let the reward of my workflow out of me into my panties not caring that I’m sitting in sticky cum all the way home and pealing off my pants from the dried sperm to my leg. I loved every second of it and I love my job as a phone sex operator.


Fantasy phone sex with Mommy

\fantasy phone sex\

Fulfilling  a different fantasy every weekend for my lover is what I do best. My boyfriend and I are freaks we are into all kinds of kinky shit. Lately my boyfriend has had fantasy and an appetite for big black cocks, and I’m all too happy to help accommodate. Usually, we get day passes at different gyms in our area and I will wear my best camel toe showing leggings and he will wear gym shorts where you can see the outline of his shaft and mushroom tip thru the thin fabric. When we spot a chiseled young piece of ass that we both agree on we go in for the kill. I will strike a conversation with the eager participant and invite him over to our apartment. Once he arrives, I’m in my skankiest garter belt and stockings with my round perky tits naked with nipples erect.  my boyfriend assists me as we underdress our prize and I usually aggressively push my boyfriend to his knees and let him pull down the pants of our latest find and his big throbbing pulsing black cock will flop into his face. This last black cock was so fucking big my boyfriend was gagging so hard blowing him that he puked all over his dick, just spraying chunks all over his thighs and dick, dripping all over making a huge mess. So, I had to shove my boyfriends face deep into his crotch and told him to use his fucking tongue to clean up the mess he caused! He greedily slurped up all the clumps and chunks off the carpet and then feasted on the dried pieces he had to chip up with his teeth off of the stiff black cock waiting to be finished off. After he was finished licking up all the throw up, It was then he got on all fours and let the ebony rod pierce is tight asshole. He squeaked and squealed but it didn’t last long as that spear fucked his hole deeply. Inch by inch his ass was stretched out and worked into submission. I saw the huge black balls just bounce everywhere as he feverishly pounded my boyfriend’s ass. I proceeded to sit my hot slit down onto my bf face and held his head against my box as I felt him tongue fuck my pussy like a champ. As my body shuddered to climax, I used my thighs to squeeze his head and express my orgasm…. that’s when  I heard our guest start groaning deeply has he started thrusting harder and harder and released his hot load into my cum dumpster boyfriend. I could feel the climax shudder thru his body and then I looked as my boyfriend was tugging at his own member and grunting as pre cum sprayed all over his stomach. He pulled on his cock and furiously and it was red and swollen and raw. He finally jerked his cock into submission and let out a hot sticky pool of sperm all over his belly. Finally, he had what he wanted, his entire body and all his holes filled with sticky cum and a belly full of swimmers.


Erotic Fantasy

erotic roleplaying

                Come over here big boy and lick my breasts all nice and clean; I need a hungry, hot tongue that knows how to obey me. That rock hard cock between your legs-it’s all mine, and I’m going to do with it as I please. Fuck your wife, and I don’t give a shit if you have a girlfriend, you made eyes with me-that was your first lesson. It’s too late to tell me no, that’s not in my vocabulary. What you can do is hold these ropes while I tie the rest of you to this rustic chair. Strapping you up so you have nowhere to go, oh honey your cock’s just standing on it’s own, begging me to drown in my throat. We don’t stop there- I’ll suck on your balls until I hear you yelling my name. I want you to beg me to ride that cock- I need you to fuck me into tomorrow’s eve. I will ride you until you cum while your brother fucks me from behind so you can watch me get pleased.


He Wanted To Spray Me With His Big Load

Erotic roleplaying

He wanted to fuck my asshole until he could spray me all over my body is what he emailed me when he reached out. I am used to my asshole getting fucked because most men I deal with have never fucked a hottie like me let alone a woman’s tight asshole. When I got to his room he was already intoxicated and demanded I would get naked. I did as he asked since he was giving me enough money to pay my rent three times over. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks for him, and he started sniffing my asshole. It made me giggle a bit and then he stuck his tongue right in it. He licked my asshole until it was lubricated with his saliva, then right away he rubbed his cock on my asshole and pushed it in deep. He let out a loud moan it was his first time anal fucking a hottie like me. He couldn’t help it and was about to cum after a few pumps that is when he pulled his ready to explode dick out my ass and sprayed my face and tits with his nut. He smiled as he watched my face dripping with his nut.  

Small dick humiliation. Needle dick.

Small dick humiliation

Small Dick Humiliation will put the pencil penis men in their places. Look at this needle dick loser lucky enough to be getting sucked by this cutie. He can barely get erect even when he is being sucked by such a beautiful girl. What the fuck is his problem!?! At least she doesn’t have to worry about choking or gaging or all the things I love about sucking a huge piece of manmeat.

Do you dare compare your feeble little pecker to the big thick cock of my Russian boyfriend? You better get on your knees. Be the inferior sissy bimbo we know you are. Demonstrate you know your place in this world. I’ll strap-on my massive Russian-sized dildo cock. Then shove that larger than life sized latex dick all the way down your wimp bitch throat during our Femdom phone sex.

I get super fuckin horny and crazy feeling when I think about how much pleasure your pain and discomfort will bring me. You do agree of course that all your good for is being a skidmark on the underpants of life right!?! You get that right my little submissive!?! You know that right!?! Well if there is any doubt, just call me, I will remind you very quickly of your place, your little inch worm clittys place and where and when you will serve me.

Lucky for you, my new Russian boyfriend has a fetish that I can relate to. He loves loves loves to laugh at and humiliate little teeny weeny, shrimp dicked, vienna sausage dicked mother fuckers just like you. So line up to serve you small cocked MFers, get in the que then call Valerie for your turn to get your zitdick out and coat it with spit so you can tug it while we use and abuse your tic tac dicked ass. Cocksucking phone sex is one of my specialties for sure, just ask my cuckold hubby.

Small dick humiliation

Sexy Breasts and Truckers

sexy breastsWhen you have sexy breasts, you love to show them off. When I was a college coed, my girlfriends and I use to flash truckers when we went on road trips. They would honk their horn, we would show our tits or vice versa. I have not done that in decades.  Over the weekend, I took a trip to the beach in my mid life crisis, a new convertible Corvette. I was playing some 80s music on the XM radio station and I got nostalgic for the old days of road trips: mixed tapes, an old beater car, 4 girls and flashing truckers our tits. I started keeping an eye out for a handsome trucker. They are all over the Santa Monica freeway. While Annie Lennox was belting out “Sweet Dreams,” a college age trucker drove by. He honked his horn first, smiled and waved. I waved back and flashed him my tits. He went off the road to the rest stop, so I followed him. It was reckless, but I was horny, and he was cute. When I was in college, I did shit like this all the time. As a mature sexy babe, I think before I fuck. Could he be a serial killer? What if he has a small dick? What if he smells? But, for about 30 minutes, I didn’t give a fuck and I went for it. I got in the back of his cab and fucked the shit out of him. He had a big cock, he didn’t smell, and he was no Ted Bundy. He was just a horny stud who had been on the road too long and needed to sink his cock into a pussy.  I was happy to supply the pussy. I was back on the road shortly and smiling. It was just like 1988 all over again.

Ready for him

Best phone sex  I want hot ass sex all the time. If I could get it I would. I am hungry for balls and cock slapping me in my face. In the office about three weeks ago .. three weeks to long I was at my desk and a co worker emailed me dirty talking me. Telling me he want his dick to be squeezed by my pussy. I had to tell him that I wanted it. I have been looking at him for months. He just so happened to trust me and know that I would never tell his wife. We have been dirty talking and emailing back and forth. It hasn’t happened yet. But, I know it will sometime soon. I send him sexy half naked pictures of me every day. I am hoping its good and worth the wait. Would you wait ?

Sexy Hot Women in Heat

sexy hot womenSexy hot women love teasing men. I was shopping in a short jean skirt last night. I was wearing a pair of sheer panties. I bent over in the frozen food section and caught this dirty old pervert trying to look up my skirt. He had to have a shriveled up old dick. I am surprised looking up my skirt didn’t make him stroke out. He followed me around the store trying to get a look up my skirt again. I teased the geezer. I didn’t know if he thought he could fuck me or if he had a panty sniffing fetish. I confronted him in the parking lot. He wasn’t as old as I thought. He was 65. He was 20 years my senior. He looked older. He said I was the first woman to give him a boner in a decade. I was flattered. I could see the sizable outline in his pants. This dirty old man had a huge cock. I thought about it for a moment. I don’t have an old man fetish, but I am a cock size queen. A big cock is a big cock regardless of age. I said, “Grandpa, I’m about to make your day.” I blew his old huge cock in the back of his car. He came quickly, which was disappointing but understandable. It has been 11 years since he came from a woman’s touch. I took my wet panties off and gave them to him as a souvenir. He looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Okay, so I might have slipped him my phone number too.  That old geezer had at least ten inches of cock that was going to waste. I knew just the sexy babe to bring life back to his aging Anaconda.  Don’t judge me. Your little dick isn’t doing anything for me or anyone for that matter.