Boss Unloads In My Hairy Fuck Hole

Hairy wet pussy That twitching cock in my hairy wet fuck hole feels so fucking good. A good assistant will do anything to make her boss happy isn’t that right? I think the best way to stand out is by spreading your legs and letting your superiors do whatever they want to you! That way, you will always be the go to favorite and get whatever you want.

Trust me, I have been letting my boss blow his hot creamy load in my pretty hairy hot hole for over a year now. Never once has he denied me a day off, etc. He knows I will make it up to him however he wants. I get to the office super early almost everyday and I let him use me until he is ready to blow. I mean it’s only right that he gets a warm hole to unload in every single day since his wife won’t give it up. So I make sure to be his favorite stress relief! You know what they say; a happy boss is a happy life. Well I mean that’s at least what I say to justify being a fuck whore haha. How about you though baby?

How many times have you thought about plowing out one of your cute and slutty employees/co-workers? Tell meall the filthy things you have thought about while you stroke your meat stick for me.

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