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Cocksucking phone sex whore sucks off boss!

Cocksucking phone sexOnly the best whores who have Cocksucking phone sex know how important it is to lend their mouth out for the men in their life. Especially when it’s your boss or any kind of superior figure. I like my job and the money I get. So I knew it was very important to keep on track when it came to proving myself to my boss. When he wanted to blow a load I knew it was time to crawl underneath that desk and open my mouth for him. I have gotten so good at taking his prick down my throat hole too!

He always says how good my mouth feels as he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. I love listening to him groan as he drops that load in my mouth. He smiles, smacks me on my face, squeezes my ass and says “This is what a Hot sexy woman is made for”. Yes, he is a misogynistic prick but he has a deep wallet and nice tasting cum. Plus, he keeps me around instead of hiring a man to do the job for half the price. So as a woman and a whore; I pick and choose my battles. 

I look at it as a blessing; whatever pays the bills and gets me a cum load a few times a week. I love getting attention for my sweet holes!

Hot sexy woman rides the hotel employees face!

Hot sexy womanGreg was not expecting a Hot sexy woman he didn’t know squatting over his face and sucking his cock like this. He was just at work checking people into their rooms when he bumped into the perfect lady. Obviously I am talking about myself; he wasn’t ready for a stranger to be such a horny bitch in heat for him. He was just sexy with that long hair and cute smile; I had to get a piece of that cock as soon as I could. I eyeballed him all night while I was sitting in the lobby; I knew I was going to have that dick in my throat. 

He watched me all night long and I saw his horny pup eyes getting so needy and craving me. As soon as his shift was over I walked up to the counter and flashed my tits. It was very late so no one was in the lobby besides us. He began sweating a little and he whispered “You are such a sexy ho; get back here and meet me in the employee lounge so I can taste you bitch “. I smiled and bit my lip and ran into the back lounge area waiting for this hotel employee to come eat me up like it’s his last meal. I felt like the biggest whore and I loved it. 

This Hairy wet pussy was throbbing and I wanted to squirt all over his face and mouth right away. Once I hopped on his face and choked on his cock he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his face harder. He lapped my hot little hole until I could not hold back my cunt juice; within minutes I was squirting like a waterfall in his mouth and he loved it!

Sexy girlfriend porn has all the hairy pussy lovers hard !

Sexy girlfriend pornWhen I am making Sexy girlfriend porn I always make sure my bushy cunt hole is nice and exposed for everyone to see. When the pictures are getting taken it makes me even wetter thinking about all the men who are going to see me. There is something so hot about spreading these legs and showing off my slutty body for all these nasty men to see. Lance always knows how to blast my womb full of nut when I am craving cock. He always answers his phone when I need a man to drain his balls into me all night long. It’s always nice to have a man who is ready to break into my slutty holes. 

My juicy Hairy wet pussy can’t wait to have you drooling all night long. I am so ready for you to whip out that big cock and stroke it for me. You need to call me immediately if you are ready to bust a nice fat load for a filthy mature woman. When is the last time a wet sopping hairy box made your cock cum nice and hard? I am sure it’s been way too long baby; so let me help you unload all over the place. I can only play with myself alone for so long until I become desperate for a pervert like you to call me! 


Hairy wet pussy exposed for handyman!

Hairy wet pussy I just can’t seem to ever want to put this Hairy wet pussy away! Anywhere I go I just have to show off this box in hopes I get some cock shoved inside me. I can’t help but crave attention, cock and cum pretty much 24/7. Today I had some workers come over to my house to fix the leak in my kitchen; it was the perfect time to get the leak fixed between my legs too. I knew it would be a sexy hard working man showing up at my door step; so I could not wait to get him all tensed up over me.

When I opened the door I was wearing my bikini top with a short tight black skirt and my black pumped heels. I looked like I was ready to shoot a porn video which is exactly what I was going for. When the man saw me he almost fell over and stuttered when he introduced himself as Beck. I smiled and invited him in; I took him to the kitchen and bent over to show him the leak. I had no bikini bottoms on or panties so I knew my skirt would roll up and expose my cunt and ass hole. 

He could not even focus and I was already wet and ready to play. I turned around and leaned back and told him he can fix the leak after I showed him how sluts are supposed to give Great blowjobs to sexy men like him. He was all for it and whipped that big prick out right away. He requested that I hike my skirt up all the way while I squatted down for him. Basically he wanted to have a perfect view of my hairy hole as I choked on his cock. 

He said he loves to look at a glistening and drooling bushy cunt as he fucks a bitches throat hole open!

Hairy wet pussy licked by the best office assistant!

Hairy wet pussyAfter a long weekend I love ending it with an employee on his knees right between my legs. It’s the best and most satisfying way for a new week to begin. The men I work with sure do know how to treat a Hairy wet pussy; I mean they at least know how to treat mine real well. It could be because they know I am their boss and if they don’t do it right maybe they won’t have a job later.

I would never use it against them but I expect a good pussy licker for the days I am stressed out. I need to be able to cum hard and make a mess on a dudes face. All the men I hire to work under me as an assistant is sexy and young. I do that specifically so they are always horny and ready to fuck and please. It’s been such a pleasure to wake up and know this cunt will be satisfied and filled with cock and cum daily. I’ve good a different boy for every day of the week; it almost makes me never want to go home. I could just snap my fingers and one of them will be right out with their tongues out ready to lap me up. It’s so much fun being in charge!

You should call me so we can have some fun Tease and denial sessions together. I bet I can convince you to be my little office oral slave too. If you show me you are a good boy I might let you fuck my pussy too.

Naughty neighbor porn with your favorite skank!

Naughty neighbor porn I am the definition of Naughty neighbor porn. You obviously know that most of my neighbors are men that I have already fucked or at least think about fucking. Not to mention; almost all of these guys on and around my street all watch me when their wives aren’t around. Clearly that’s because they all want to fuck me in some way. So I figured what would be the harm in teasing them into submission in some way? I mean maybe they will eventually have the balls to walk up to me and ask me if I will suck their cocks at least. What I do know is I had half the block out of their houses and stroking off. I am sure all the wives and annoyed girlfriends will hear about this soon.

It was such a warm sunny day so I thought it was the best time to rub and play with my sweet Hairy wet pussy. Obviously all the men thought the same since they spent the whole time watching me while they stroked their meat. I watched a few them even cum everywhere as they watched my hair fuck hole get stretched out over my fingers. I finger banged myself and rubbed my sweet clit as I brought myself to a climax. I was so needy and wanted some cock immediately; I knew I had to set something up after I was done teasing my whole street. 

Are you ready for a sexy time with me baby? I know you are hard and horny and needing to blow that load aren’t you? Call me so we can have a nasty and erotic session together. I am so ready to make a man cum nice and hard for me; I promise I won’t tell your stupid wife!

Erotic roleplaying with your favorite favorite anal craver!

Erotic roleplayingMy favorite Erotic roleplaying is when I got 2 superior men who love to plow out my sweet ass together. A sweet double penetration session with some big fat cocks is the best way to spend my weekend. There is nothing better than feeling a couple of fat cocks stretch my filthy shitter open and dump a load in me. I love feeling those loads drip out of my ass hole after I have been stuffed full of seed. I sometimes use it as lube to fuck my cunt after with my toy; I love feeling that cream all over my swollen clit.

Ass sex porn is the most viewed type of footage out there. It’s a known fact that men just love fucking dirty little shit holes. It’s like the forbidden fruit because a lot of girls don’t really like anal so when a guy finds one who does it’s like a keepsake. There is no better feeling I have over the sensation of having my shit hole torn open. If that cock is fatter it makes it even better because it hurts while they slide it in. So these 2 right here are some of my favorite cocks to have stuffed up my dirty ass. 

These two enjoy my sweet Hairy wet pussy too. They love to watch my pubic hair glisten while my slit gets so fucking creamy from getting dicked down in the butt hole. I cum harder than ever while they rub my clit and finger bang my cunt hole open as they DP my dirt box for hours. I can squirt like a fountain while my shit-box is being violated. I bet your cock is throbbing thinking about me being your filthy anal slave!

Roleplay phone sex while I fuck him with a strap-on!

Roleplay phone sex Roleplay phone sex with my favorite pathetic sissy boy is always a great Wednesday afternoon. John is one of my regulars when I am feeling particularly dominant. He is always down to get his anal hole fucked open by my strap while I degrade him for being a pansy bitch. His wife has no idea he likes to get his shit box fucked with some cocks and toys. She thinks he is a dominant man because he has to pretend for her. Imagine what she would say if she knew what he really was? That’s why I am here; so she doesn’t have to be disappointed with herself. 

Ass sex porn with John is one of my favorite acts of domination when I am needing to get some aggression and anger out. We always love to set up the camera and record our play time sessions. Since we don’t get to do this very often we love to film it. He is either working or I am not always in the mood to be in control. Today I was feeling frisky and mean; I loved hearing those squeaky high pitched moans as I railed him harder. Hearing that panting and begging made me just want to plow his hole out even harder. It made me so wet thinking about this grown man crying for me as I violated his boy pussy. 

Small Dick Humiliation is a necessity with this fucker because he is literally so fucking small he can’t even get his cock into me. I asked him how he fucks his wife and he said she prefers him to go down on her, etc. You just can’t help but laugh at the poor bastard; he can’t even fuck his wife. She enjoys him using toys on her too. Which makes sense since his cock is basically just an over-sized clit at this point. It must suck to be him;  he is such a trooper though and always willing to let me put his bimbo sissy ass in place!



Roleplay phone sex with a good bitch who craves a pegging

Roleplay phone sex Roleplay phone sex with a naughty boy who wants to be dominated by me and one of my sexy, slutty and demanding friends. Together we make the best tag team whores for submissive little bitches like Jake here. Usually we prefer to be the ones who get dominated; but things change when we have a willing little victim ready to let us use his hole for our pleasure. The things we can force a sweet little sub man to do for us is always so much fun and pleasurable. This sissy fuck slut knows exactly what we want with his pansy little ass. 

What makes it even more fun is when our helpless fuck toy loves some degrading Small Dick Humiliation. There is something so intriguing with teasing a little sissy about his small cock while he takes it up the ass hole like a good pet. I love watching Jake lap up my friend’s pretty pink cunt as I rail his filthy shit box in from behind. Listening to those little squeals as he is used by the sexiest and most powerful women. He better know how lucky he is to even have our attention with his little pathetic self.

Our little Jakey boy craves Female domination porn because he knows his sad excuse of a cock is repulsive and too small to please any real woman. The only thing he is good for is to make our lovely pussies cum and to take a strap up his tight little boy hole. We all know the only reason this boy-bitch needs attention is so we can show him his place. That means we have to show him how inferior he is to hot ass females like us. I am sure once he understands his place he will be so grateful to understand his new purpose in life.



Side Piece Whore In Service!

Erotic roleplayingEvery time I fuck now I feel like there is always an added cock in the mix and I love it. The word is getting out that I am the nasty neighbor whore and work slut. I mean I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. What could I expect when I fuck them so good they can’t help but tell their friends and co-workers? I imagine at some point I am going to have lots of unhappy wives and girlfriends knocking on my door.

Listen, I always say; it is not my fault that I make their cock feel better than their partners do. I am as single as a pringle and I can spread my legs for any dick I want. I am not in control of who’s cock is married/taken, etc. If they want to give it to me I am taking it no matter what. Some may call that selfish and dirty but I call it free and exhilarating. 

These 3 studs are friends and I was fucking the one for a while and than he told his other 2 about me. So they all showed up at my house to give me a run all together. Let me tell you; they had some fat ass cocks. I could not even take it all in my holes; we had to stretch me a bit before they slipped in together. They said I was tight for a whore who fucks everyone; I giggled and said most guys aren’t hung like them.

They were flattered as they pumped me raw with their cocks. I was having a great time and so were they. I mean they each came at least 2 times each; I was filled with nut. They were all married and had to head home so I told them to stop by anytime they needed to fuck their little home wrecking side piece whore!