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Nosey Naughty Teacher

naughty teacher

The first time my math teacher asked me to stay after school it confused me a lot. But I figured he was going to ask me if I needed help since I wasn’t doing so good in his class. It turns out I was right. Well, kind of right. He asked me if my grades were suffering because I didn’t know how to do the work or just didn’t want to. I told him that I was trying to stay focused but that all the boys in class were getting so cute as they got older and I just couldn’t concentrate.

He asked me if I was getting excited by the boys and I don’t know what came over me, but I said yes. I knew I was too young to be talking to an adult about this stuff, but I couldn’t help it. I told him I had to keep sneaking off to the bathroom to touch myself and he said I didn’t have to do that anymore. I asked what he meant by it but he didn’t answer with words. He pulled his pants down and showed me his hard cock. He told me he’d be happy to help me with how wet my little pussy had been getting and boy did he! Do you want to know exactly what happened? Give me a call and find out!

Therapy with Bridgette

phone sex therapy

The great thing about phone sex therapy, as opposed to regular therapy, is that not only is it more affordable, but that I welcome my clients to discussing anything that might be on their minds. In fact I quite enjoy a lot of the things we happen to discuss in my line of work. The psyche is a labyrinth of twists, turns, dark corners and desires and exploring them can be extremely exciting and arousing. It’s quite common that I find myself teasing my dripping wet pussy as I listen to my clients confessing many of their perverted fantasies. It’s even more exciting when we get to act them out and I’d say that a lot of my callers find that sort of method to be extremely therapeutic and cathartic. You walk around all day long being Mr. Responsible. Taking care of daily tedious tasks and having a place to cum to for your perverted release is extremely healthy for you, your cock and those around you. You can confide in me all of your taboo fantasies or real life events. We all have filthy stories to share and spending some time with me might do you some good. I look forward to hearing what sort of filth gets that throbbing cock going.

Worship My Feet

foot fetishes

It’s so much fun to talk to all of you dirty guys who have foot fetishes. It reminds me of a man I used to date who absolutely loved it when I fucked his cock with my feet. I was a little weirded out by it at first, but when he started buying me expensive shoes and paying for my pedicures, I became much more open to it and eventually I even started to like giving him foot jobs.
He loved sitting in a chair beside the bed while I leaned back and wrapped my perfectly manicured feet around his hard cock. And he bought me an awesome vibrator that I just fucked the shit out of my pussy with while my feet rubbed up and down his cock and rubbed on his balls. It was so awesome when he would shoot his load on my feet because (and this was my favorite part) he would have me put my feet flat on the floor and then he’d get on his knees and lick them clean.
Do you have a foot fetish or maybe want to hear more about the things he used to do to my feet? Just call me and I will spill the tea.

I Aim To Please

great blowjobs

If there’s anything I do well, it’s giving fucking great blowjobs. You might be shocked to hear that from a pretty girl. Sure, most pretty girls don’t suck cock because they don’t have to. They get to be the trophy girlfriend or wife while you get your cock sucked by the ugly secretary in your office. But wouldn’t you rather have all of that in the same smoking hot body? See, when you get to have fun with a girl who looks like me, it’s like hitting the sexual jackpot. My face won’t repulse you like that fat girls does so you can actually look at my face while you fuck it.
I’d love to just get down on my knees in front of you and lick up and down the shaft of your cock. I’ll stroke your cock while I lick your balls or even your asshole if that’s something that turns you on. I’m here to worship that cock and everything around it in whatever way you’d like me to. So if you want to hear every single dirty details about the way I would suck your cock, just grab the phone and call me. I aim to please!

I Love An Audience

exhibitionist sex

I don’t know about you, but I really love having exhibitionist sex. Fucking in public is one of my favorite things ever. Just knowing that at any time, anyone could look up and see what I’m doing really sets my pussy on fire. I have fucked in all kinds of really fun places – churches, cemeteries, airplanes. Those are all really high risk and I’ve been caught multiple times in each place but that really just adds to the fun of the experience.
Honestly, one of my favorite public places to fuck is a movie theater. Sure, I know it’s a common place for people to fuck, but it also allows for the most “crowd participation”. Not only do I like the prospect of being caught, when I actually do get caught it really turns me into a sexual artist. I love it when men and women start joining in because the things I am doing for my fuck buddy turn them on so much they can’t hold back.
Do you want to hear about some of my public sexcapades? Just pick up the phone and call me so we can talk about some of the things I have done or the things you’d like me to do to you.

Cleaning Naked Leads To More Fun

naughty maid phone sex

One day when I was walking down the hallway of a hotel, I saw the maid cart and of course it made me think of something sexual. I was thinking about how many naughty maid phone sex fantasies I could make come true for all of the horny guys in the hotel. So many men are away on business trips without their wives and girlfriends and that can be really lonely. You KNOW they are always thinking really dirty things about the maids. Wouldn’t it be really amazing to be able to make those fantasies come true?
I have always thought about what it would be like to walk into a hotel room and catch a guy jerking off. He didn’t know he forgot to lock the door so it really catches him off guard. While standing next to the bed, I just take my panties off, push his hand away from his cock and climb on top of him. I’ll lower my wet pussy onto his cock and grind all over his big cock. I will even ask him if he wants me to be a full service maid – that means he can cum inside me if he wants.
What would you do if I came into your room as a naughty maid? Call me and tell me so we can play!

Let Me Be Your Fantasy Girlfriend

GFE phone sex

I really love GFE phone sex because in addition to sexual things, it gives me the chance to get to know my callers on a more personal level. The emotional connection really does make it so much better when the sexy things do come up. I don’t know about you, but my orgasms are much more intense too when I have a personal connection with someone. So if you are looking for a phone sex girlfriend to add to your life, I am definitely the woman for you. I am smart, articulate, funny, and when the time is right, I am going to blow your mind with how dirty I am.
But before that, we can talk about anything you want. Work, movies, places we would love to travel to. It doesn’t really matter what we talk about as long as we are building that bond. There are so many things other than physical intimacy, not that that isn’t great. So are you ready to go deeper than that and let me inside your mind and life a little bit? I promise it will be worth it and you’re going to have a brand new phonesex girlfriend very, very soon!

Stroke It Nice and Slow

edgeplay phone sex

For all of you guys out there who just jerk off and rush your orgasm – I know exactly what you need. You need some edgeplay phone sex with me so I can teach you how to slow things down and get the most out of your pleasure. If you’re not taking your time and building your orgasm slowly, let me just say that you are definitely missing out. Sure, you’ll cum if you rush things, but it won’t feel anywhere near as powerful as it could be. So that’s what you need me for. I’ll teach you how to take things to the edge over and over again. And when the time is right, you’ll get to have a really amazing orgasm.
Are you willing to lie back and give me control of your cock? I know it might not be something you’re used to, but you just have to let your guard down and trust me. I will give you one of the best orgasms of your entire life. And I am pretty sure you are going to be addicted to my style of orgasms. You’ll be calling me back over and over again. I’ll be waiting for you.

Sensual Phone Sex

sensual phone sex

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get tired of all the hardcore fantasies people (including myself) have. I think it’s time that you call me so we can talk about all of the sensual fantasies we have. People are just so quick to bang and get it over with these days, but sometimes a girl just needs to be made to feel like she’s special with some sensual intimate time. It’s so exciting and makes my pussy wet when a man takes his time with me and makes me feel like he’s got all day to make me feel good.
But just because I want things to be sensual doesn’t mean things have to be vanilla. If you want to tie me up and tease me and have your way with me, that would be amazing. If you want to have me be the dominant one, I’d love that as well. The sky really is the limit as long as we take our time and we’re giving in to our sensual fantasies. I can’t wait to hear what kind of things you come up with for me. Just call me now. Taking our time means we’re going to need more time.

Don’t You Want A Taste?

shaved wet pussy

I know what men like to do to women like me. You love to get right down between my legs and lick my shaved wet pussy. I get told all the time that men love being able to see everything and know just where to stick your warm tongue. I know you also love seeing my puffy pussy lips and sucking on them. Sometimes when I am shaving, I think about all the things you are going to do to my pussy and I start getting wet. That’s why I had to stop getting waxed – I would get so wet that the wax wouldn’t stick. The lady who waxed me would get the giggles when it happened. Hey, I can’t help that I get horny really easily.
Getting fucked also feels so much better when my pussy is shaved. I love looking down and seeing how your cock looks going in and out of my wet hole. Don’t ever let a woman tell you she doesn’t want to shave her pussy. Just tell her you absolutely know that it will feel so much better if she just shaves. Maybe you can even offer to do it for her. Then you can go down on her and show her how good it feels.

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