Hot sexy woman rides the hotel employees face!

Hot sexy womanGreg was not expecting a Hot sexy woman he didn’t know squatting over his face and sucking his cock like this. He was just at work checking people into their rooms when he bumped into the perfect lady. Obviously I am talking about myself; he wasn’t ready for a stranger to be such a horny bitch in heat for him. He was just sexy with that long hair and cute smile; I had to get a piece of that cock as soon as I could. I eyeballed him all night while I was sitting in the lobby; I knew I was going to have that dick in my throat. 

He watched me all night long and I saw his horny pup eyes getting so needy and craving me. As soon as his shift was over I walked up to the counter and flashed my tits. It was very late so no one was in the lobby besides us. He began sweating a little and he whispered “You are such a sexy ho; get back here and meet me in the employee lounge so I can taste you bitch “. I smiled and bit my lip and ran into the back lounge area waiting for this hotel employee to come eat me up like it’s his last meal. I felt like the biggest whore and I loved it. 

This Hairy wet pussy was throbbing and I wanted to squirt all over his face and mouth right away. Once I hopped on his face and choked on his cock he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his face harder. He lapped my hot little hole until I could not hold back my cunt juice; within minutes I was squirting like a waterfall in his mouth and he loved it!

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