Cummy NYE Party!

cum on boobs

The New Years Eve party was the best I’ve been to yet! There were so many sexy men and women there. The fun we all had almost can’t be relived through my words, but there were a few moments throughout the night that stand out predominately. It was just after ball had dropped and the countdown had finished. I decided to ring in the new year by sucking as much cock as I possible could. I offered blow jobs to every man in the place. Which was too many to count. I kept to my word and they all got a nice wet cock sucking all from me. One by one. There was so much cum rushing through my digestive system. So much cum all over my face and cum all over my perky little tits. Dripping all over my body. All down my thighs. I was completely drenched by the time the sun came up. I only took a few breaks between cocks and cum. Only to catch my breath and maybe drink some champagne to wash down that gooey thick goodness. Where’s your favorite place to cum when you’re face fucking a slut like myself? Is it to cum on boobs or give her a nice wet, much needed facial? Or right on the tongue so you could make sure she swallows every last drop.
I’d love to hear about a time you face fucked a nice little cock sucker.


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  1. jasper

    I love you Bridgette. I am your slave forever.

  2. Horny

    I got lots of cum for you right now baby!

  3. frank

    god damn baby you fine as fuck

  4. Harry

    Your Voice makes me so hard!

  5. Kev

    I want my NY’s Blow Bridgette, help a guy out!

  6. jim

    I want to face fuck you

  7. Greg

    Your voice is hot

  8. Eric

    suck my cock

  9. Doc Eric

    Babe… I’ll call again

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