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Good Boy

Domination phone sexI am your Mistress Clarissa. You bow at my feet on your knees. I look down at you pleased. I love a good boy who knows his place. You bend down and kiss my feet. You work your way up my leg kissing every so softly. I spread my legs open giving you a glimpse of my pussy. You breathe in my aroma as you guide closer to your prize. I feel your tongue trace along my pussy lips and I moan softly. Your fingers slide in my fuck hole. Your tongue dances with my clit. I push my pussy in your face smothering you with my sweet tasting juice. You ravish my pussy, your tongue licking and lapping at me. My body begins to tremble and I scream out. My pussy explodes all over your face. Good boy!

BBC For Us Both

Cuckold phone sex I tell you to go out and find us a huge black man to fuck. You leave right away bringing home a very big sexy black man for us to have fun with. He comes strutting into our house ready to fuck us both. You lead him to the bedroom. I am standing there naked my fingers pumping in my pussy. You get on your knees offering your mouth to him. He accepts and uses your mouth like a pussy. I watch his BBC disappear in your mouth and I can hear you gag hard on him. My pussy juices squirt out watching the hot sex scene unfold before me. I get on my knees and crawl over to the both of you. I offer my mouth to him also. I love sucking BBC with you.

Small Dick Humiliation

Fantasy phone sex I love comparing small dicks with a big fucking real cock. I short dick man can’t please my horny princess ass with that small thing. I need a huge cock to fill me full. I need to feel the cum rushing thru my body. Short dick men cum like a bitch. I put short dick men on their knees and let the big cock men use there to holes for fucking or cleaning their cocks off. I love to humiliate them in front of everyone. Having everybody laugh and stare and treating them like fuck meat. I walk them around on all fours having them clean out the creampies out of the women’s pussies. I only use short dick men as such. They have no other use in my life.


Cuckold phone sex I watch you kneeling in the corner stroking your very little dicky watching me get fucked by a big black man and his huge BBC. His cock is giving me pleasure your little thing could never give me. The only thing I use you for is cleaning up the mess and being a fuck hole for the real BBCs. That little bullshit you have between your legs could never please me. We laugh and tease you. I make you put your little thing next to that huge cock and compare right before he shoves his BBC in your pussy ass. You fucking love it squealing and moaning like a good little bitch. I laugh at you and muffle your squeals with my sweet pussy. Screaming at you to suck into I squirt all over your worthless face.

Small Dick Men

Domination phone sexHumiliating a small dick man is such a delight for me. Brings a smile to my face and wetness in my panties. Laughing at them and publicly humiliate them in front of others. I bring these little dick men around black men and show them how huge a real dick is. I make them stick their tiny dicks right next to one of those huge BBC and compare the difference in dick and balls size. The black men laugh at the little boy dick on a grown size white man. And when small dick men cum it is funny. The little bit of cum that does come out of their small dicks is more like pussy juices. It looks, smells, or tastes nothing like a man with a big dick.


Hot sexy womanI took my husband Tom with me to the club. I needed a wingman to help me pick up some big ass BBC. Tom as a three-inch short dick. Lol, it is more of an oversize clit than a dick and basically useless. Tom’s mouth is the only good thing on him. He is great for munching on my sweet pussy and for cleaning other men’s cum out of me. I hear from the men I bring him that Tom is a good cock sucker too and his ass is nice and tight. When he is a good boy I let him please and clean the men off before they leave. And once he has completed all that to satisfaction that is when I allow him to squirt on the floor

Favorite Toy

Fantasy phone sex Men are my favorite thing to play with! Men have an awesome package swinging between their legs. So many fun and exciting things I can do with that cock and balls. But before I play with you I will have you kneel in the corner of the bedroom as I fuck a huge BBC. I want you jerking off but not cumming. When I am done getting fucked we both will come over and play with you. I can’t wait to see that BBC buried in your white tight ass. My legs will be spread before you to suckle on my charming edible kitty. If you want your reward from me you will have to satisfy us both. After we are done with playing and using you then you have permission to jerk off and spill your seed on the floor but do not forget to clean up your mess with your tongue.

Sadistic Dominatrix

Fantasy phone sex I am a dominatrix and I love to torture and humiliate sissy little boys. Just today I had to take one of my sissy boys and put him over my knee whipping him hard with a belt. I whipped him so hard and I did not stop whipping him into the welts appeared and broke open with blood coming out of them. Why do you ask? What did he so wrong? Well, when he crawled to me this morning and got into the first position which is kneeling before my head lowered and hands folded behind his back. He did it wrong his hands were not folded correctly behind his back. So for this misdeed, he gets my sadistic side

She Is My Sissy

Phone sex sitesYou want to be her, don’t you? She is my sissy. Her pee pee is so small I only allow her to wear girly clothes. Pants are for men and she is no fucking man. I keep her pee pee tied tightly with sowing string around her little pee pee head and attached to a small anal hook coming out of her ass. I know it causes her pain but that is my pleasure. She has a very nice pussy ass I love to bend her over yanking the anal hook out of her ass and do her with my favorite purple 8-inch strap-on dildo. I dig my nails into her hips and pound her ass like a sissy bitch she is for me.

little Dick

Cheapest phone sex There was this small dick sissy at my friend’s house last night. Another dominatrix brought him for us to humiliate. She said her sissy had a big clit instead of a dick. But I thought she was exaggerating. But when they showed up and she had him take down his panties there was nothing there. I walked right up to him and tugged on that clit and asked him what the hell this thing was? And his balls grape size. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not. I have never ever seen a smaller fucking dick I have ever seen on a grown ass man. Of course, calling what he has a dick is an insult to all the real dicks out there.

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