All I want is to be the girl that understands you. I want to give you anything you want and need, just to let you know that you are appreciated. Other girls only take advantage, but I’m the real deal. Making my man happy is my number one priority! You work hard all night and day so you’ve earned some time to relax. With me, you can do whatever like. Any fantasy you have will become a reality. If you need to vent or take your stress out on me, I’m there for you. Whatever you need I’m more than willing to provide. It gets me so hot just thinking about being your perfect little toy. No matter how long you keep me waiting, I’ll always be ready to play. If you’re looking for fun, I’m your girl. If you need to feel loved, I’m your girl. If you want to be nasty, I’m your girl. I can be the girl of your dreams and more. Pleasing you is what turns me on the most. Just consider me your GFE phone sex girl from heaven.
Nothing makes me happier than treating my man right. I love to spoil you with the attention you deserve. I’m not like all those other girls. Those girls only want to use you up and when there is nothing left they’ll just throw you away. Those girls want gifts and expensive dinners too. They take up all your free time whining about silly things and they once never ask about your problems. Sometimes girls forget that your time is valuable too, but I’ll never need to be reminded. Spoiling you is what gives me satisfaction because I know how hard you’ve had to work all your life. Don’t worry you’ll never hear me complain or ask you for anything, I’m here just for you. All your needs come before my own, my body is yours. Did I mention that I give great blowjobs too? *grins*


    • rich on May 11, 2015 at 12:32 pm
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    Kelly…..fell in love with your photos, website, blog. I have an American Express gift card. Can I use it to talk with you… the way, what hours are you available….Rich

    • rich on May 11, 2015 at 12:33 pm
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    Kelly, I LOVED the photos, the posts….yikes, I want you. Do you accept American Express gift cards??? What hours are you available???

    1. I do accept Gift Cards. I usually work 3 am Eastern to 1 pm Eastern Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun. Sometimes I take other days off, but that is my normal schedule. Glad you enjoy my pictures and blog! I hope I hear from you soon Rich. XOXO KELLY 😉

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