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Lesbian Sex with my Neighbor’s Wife!

Lesbian Sex with my Neighbor’s Wife!

Lesbian Phone Sex

I never thought of myself as someone’s cheating accomplice, but I can now say I enjoy helping a naughty gal cheat.

I never expected myself to be so attracted to a woman. But there she was, my neighbor’s wife. Gorgeous perky tits, and long brown hair, laying in her back yard under the sun, completely naked. I must have tripped over something, because she looked over my way and noticed I was staring at her! I was so embarrassed; I wasn’t sure what to say.

She walked over to me, still completely naked, and began rubbing my shoulders. Slowly, my clothes started coming off as well. She smelled absolutely divine, I wanted to devour her. We slowly made our way to the bedroom. I started panicking, I had never had sex with a woman before. She began kissing my entire body, until eventually I could feel her tongue making circles around my juicy clit. It was unlike any other, so gentle and touching all of the right places. I pushed her head down farther, feeling her tongue dig into my tight pussy, rotating in a pattern. She began tongue fucking me so quick, I could feel myself building up, ready to release. I was so fucking turned on and wet for her, I had a leg shaking, squirting orgasm just from her tongue! She of course licked up all of my sweet juices. It was delicious, and I can’t wait for my neighbor to visit me again.

I have a dirty little secret

gfe phone sexI have a dirty little secret. Every weekend I am always feeling extra sensual and naughty. I love rubbing my clit while on the phone having the hottest gfe phone sex. Talking to me would be a dream come true! I am a hot sensual slut and I always aim to please. I can be both naughty or nice, I am literally your dream girl. I love being a fantasy girl and appease your every desire. My sultry voice will make your cock rock hard. I love guiding you as you masturbate and moan my name, baby! I am a sucker for hot mutual masturbation phone sex. You can hear my every whimper, every moan and every gasp! You make my pussy so fucking wet, baby! The two of us can go on a hot role play adventure. I would love to be your hottie stripper girlfriend who always makes you a VIP no matter what. Giving you a hot sexy lap dance in the back would makes my pussy soak through those lacey panties! I would give you an exclusive experience by taking your cock out of your pants and slurping on it with my cherry lip gloss lips. Running my tongue up and down that shaft makes me so horny! I want you to pull me onto your lap and slide my hot wet cunt down on that veiny cock! This lap dance just got a lot wetter because my stripper pussy is going to squirt all over that dick!

Let that hot sexy woman know you’re interested

hot sexy womanWhen a hot sexy woman pays attention to you, you really should let her know your interested. If you’re at a bar and catch the eye of a sexy flirt like me, then by all means buy me a drink. The most alluring thing is to maybe inquire with the bartender on what I’m drinking and have one brought to me with a sexy note and your phone # to text or your FB so I can PM you w/o giving out my phone number right away. Either way it’s exciting, or simply come over and talk to me and ask if I’d like another drink, that is even more respectful. One time I met up with an ex at a bar and we had this game we played, either I would excuse myself from dinner with another date and slide my panties off. I would walk by that ex and slip them in his pocket with a whisper to meet me at such and such time outside. We go to a private place or hotel and fuck. Leaving my date behind for awhile only to meet back up with him after fucking. I love cuckolding one lover with an ex or new fuck.

I enjoy being a cock tease

hot sexy womanI enjoy being a cock tease. Men and boys alike turn their heads when I strut down the street. I was walking my dog last night in booty shorts and a tank top. No bra because I wanted my boobs to bounce and my nipples to show. Guys were getting whiplash checking out my ass. A few cars even stopped to look at me. I am highly selective, however. I love a handsome man with a big cock. I prefer my men rich too, so I didn’t give anyone the time of day until the handsome man in a Lexus pulled over to tell me I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. He had a Rolex on his wrist too. I knew in that moment; he was the one I wanted to fuck. He asked if he could give us a lift home. I was only a few blocks from my house, but I took him up on his offer because I knew he would come in and fuck me. He couldn’t take his eyes off my sexy legs. He walked me inside like a gentleman. I offered him a drink, but next thing I knew, he was pressing his body against mine. I was up against the wall kissing him. His fingers found my shaved cunt. He was fingering my already wet pussy into a geyser.  I started squirting and begging for his cock. He was rock hard and eager for my wet pussy. He was so strong he was able to lift me up while he fucked me. We both came so hard. I only got his first name. I guess it was all I needed because I saw the ring on his finger. I was just a booty call. His cock was generous in size and so was the nice wad of cash he left me.

Let Me Be Your Girl!

Ya know, I was thinking you and I could really give your wife a show. I mean she is horrible and does not know how to please you like I do. Really she is wasting your time and that fucktastic cock of yours. So here is what I was planning, I’ll come with you to your business meeting and after we could get a room at some fancy hotel. You tell her to meet you there and you have a wonderful night planned, make sure you don’t forget to give her the key. When she walks in I will be fucking you so good, riding that huge fucking cock, screaming your name. You’ll be sucking my tits and spanking me, telling me how much better my fuckhole is than hers. We can really stick it to her because she really doesn’t deserve you, you are just the best fuck in the world and super fucking hot. And hopefully when she sees that you finally found a woman who can take care of your every need she’ll leave. And if she doesn’t at least you have yourself a girlfriend cause baby I need and want that dick in my pussy, mouth and ass every day.

Daddy Dom

domination phone sexI love waking up to calls from him. I also love knowing that he will whisper in my ear all the things I need to do to get myself off. I love being his baby, his sub, him my Daddy. I know that he will always take care of me. This morning was such a special treat though, he made me wait to orgasm, it was so completely intense when I finally did. So he calls like he does every morning. “Good morning baby girl, have you been a good girl?” He asked. “Yes daddy, I have been a very good girl, waiting patiently for you.” “Well that is a good girl. Maybe daddy should give you a treat and help you cum.” “Yes daddy, please.”
He told me to always sleep naked in case he decided to show up in the middle of the night. So I was already naked. He said suck on you finger get it real wet, then use it to rub my pretty nipple. Then he said to pinch hard until I screamed in pain. I did and I did scream with pain, it did hurt very badly but it made my pussy more wet. Now move your fingers down to that juicy cunt baby girl and pinch that clit that daddy loves to suck on. I pinched my clit hard in my fingers and let out a deep throaty moan. “Do not cum baby girl or you will stop right now.” I loosened my hold on my clit and waited for my next direction. He told me to pull my dildo out of my drawer and fuck my cunt while I rub my clit. I fucked and played with myself for what seemed like forever. I needed to cum but knew my punishment would be very bad if I did. After twenty more minutes of this he said “cum.” I came screaming his name. He hung up without a word. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. I can’t wait until you help me cum again Daddy Dom.

Playing with the Boss

Great blowjobsSo today I was filling in for my friend at her office job, a secretary for a very prominent firm. Problem is I do not have much professional clothing so I wore a short skirt, high heels and a blue button up blouse that must have shrunken a bit because my tits all but fell out. Her boss walked into the office and did a double take at my outfit, I could see the lust in his eyes immediately. I have met him a few times, he is a nice older gentlemen and very attractive. So to say in the least I enjoy the lustful looks he gives me whenever I am here. After being there for about an hour John calls me into his office and tells me to take a seat. Once I am seated and comfortable he says “Maggie, now I know you really don’t work here but we do need to talk about your attire when you fill in. You are a very attractive woman and I know men here notice you and the clothes you wear, even women tend to stop and stare. Problem is this is an office not a club, I’m going to need you to dress a little more appropriately.” Of course I apologized and told him I would do so. “Is there anything I can do to make this up to you John?” He looked me up and down for a minute before telling me to open my legs wide and finger my pussy. I instantly got wet at his demand and did as he asked. He sat there watching me finger fuck my cunt for a few minutes before he told me to crawl over to him on my hands and knees. I did and when I sitting right in front of his cock he told me to pull it out and deepthroat it. I sucked his big dick until he shot his hot, thick cum into the back of my throat. Yummy! I can’t wait to fill in again.

The Perfect GFE

gfe phone sexI got a call from an old friend last night. He needed a date for a fancy business meeting dinner and his wife couldn’t make it. He said he knew that men sometimes paid me to go on dates with them, especially because I am way more fun and not to mention sexier than their wifes. And really I am, I can offer the perfect girlfriend experience to any man. So anyway I dressed in a real nice form fitting black dress and 5 inch heels. The men at the meeting were blown away and kept asking my friend how he met a knock out like me, it’s a great thing I love and welcome all male attention. The meeting went really well, he got what he came for thanks to me. After, he took me to a hotel room he rented for the night and we decided to take a swim in the pool. No one else was there so he fucked my perfect bare pussy with his huge cock while fingering my tight little asshole and sucking my titties. I love sex in the pool, it’s always so much fun. So next time you are looking for a woman for the night, call me for the best girlfriend experience.

Sub Fun

best phone sexOh I had the best night last night! Thank you sir for dominating me the way you did. The feel of your hand squeezing my neck, pulling my hair, and spanking me, memories I won’t forget any time soon. Oh but when you invited that tempting wife into bed with us, fuck, she is an amazing woman. I am so very glad you let me eat that delicious cunt, the way she creamed all over my tongue. I could have just sucked and licked that perfect pussy for hours. Couldn’t get enough. But it got even better when you made me watch you fuck and told me I couldn’t cum. That was very hard but my reward was worth it. The way you stuck that fat cock in my mouth covered in her juice and cummed, was such a treat. I really hope I can join again soon.

Sub Girlfriend

gfe phone sexAn old professor of mine called and asked me to go to a conference with him last night. He needed a “girlfriend” for the night. And really who better to ask than me. I mean I am sexy, young, smart as hell, and a sub. The perfect arm candy really. Although I’m sure his wife would have been upset with this arrangement. Not that it really matters to me I love married men. The conference was boring but he had his fingers in my pussy the whole time, neither of us much cared if anyone could see. Best part of the night was when he pulled me into the men’s room, his cock was straining against his trousers. He says Maggie be a good little girl and get on those knees, suck my cock into that pretty mouth of yours. I did just that sucked that big cock while other men walked in and out of that bathroom. I was so fucking hot even hotter when he shot that thick creamy load down my throat!

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