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Submissive MILF for your pleasure

Domination Phone Sex
       Hello, my name is Anna. But I can call you Master, I want to be tied up and fucked till I can’t stand it. Until my legs are shaking, and you have to literally carry me to the bed in order to fuck me some more. I will be your kinky, submissive MILF that you won’t be able to get enough of Master. I want you to have my every hole. Fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt, even fuck my tight, tiny little asshole until I scream in delight. Who knows, I might be so loud you’ll have to gag me with my own panties in order to quieten me down! I’ve been dreaming of this every night, Master. My husband is away, so now we can play. First, you’ll tie me to a chair. Then you’ll fuck my face while I was the biggest dildo on my cunt that I can. Finally, you’ll pick me up, tie me to the bed, and have your way with my tiny asshole. How does that sound, Master? Or do you have other tricks and treats for us to enjoy? I’m already so wet just thinking about all the time we’re going to spend together. Please don’t keep me waiting…

Twenty Years Old

Cheapest phone sexThe twenty-year-old living next door has been checking me out for a while. I catch him when I am outside in my skimpy outfits or sunbathing in the nude. But every time I try to make eye contact with him he quickly looks away like he is embarrassed he was watching. I think it is sexy and he is such a hot young stud. So today, when I was outside, sunbathing I heard him in his backyard and I could just feel his eyes burning a hole in my flesh. Instead of trying to make eye contact this time I just spoke. “It is ok that you like looking at my slutty body but it would be even better if you hop the fence so we can go in my house and fuck.” Lol, guess what happened next.

Carpet match the drapes

The first thing people notice about me is my red hair. I am always getting complimented on it and people and clients telling me how beautiful I am and how much they love it. The second most question I get asked is if the carpet matches the drapes. Now some of my clients have been lucky enough to see the answer to this question in person. The red in my hair is definable the same fiery red hair that surrounds my pretty pink pussy. The men who eat my cunt say they love it in their face and tell me I should never shave. I always leave a little bit of hair because I love the attention I get for my fiery red hair on my head but also I love the attention I get in between my legs as well. I will really dislike it as I get older and lose my red hair to white or grey but for right now my pussy hair gets me a lot of good dick.


Cum on boobs

Best Phone Sex Therapy Ever

best phone sex gingerWhen I have a particularly interesting case that makes me wet during the consult, before therapy ever starts, I know that I am going to enjoy the process as much as my client is.
He hadn’t seen her since his college days. Their time together was hot and wild and uninhibited. She called him the a few months ago out of the blue and as soon as he heard her voice his dick got hard and the memories of fucking her all over the city came flooding back.
He was married now and loved his wife but she was very conservative in the bedroom. Now suddenly he longed for the wild kinky sex he once had with his college girl.
He couldn’t even cum with his wife without thinking of his old flame and what they had.
I knew just what course of action I was going to take. Before our session I dyed my hair black just as he described her and made sure I was dressed the way he said she used to dress. The lights in the office were dimly lite when he walked in and the smell of incense was in the air.
In nothing more then a whisper I invited him in and sat him on my couch. Dialing his cell number from my desk I heard it ring and instructed him to answer. Then I began the best phone sex call I have ever done.
It was kinky and hot and I could hear in his voice and breathing that I was taking him back in time.
When I knew he was on the edge I approached him, taking his hard cock out of his pants I sucked it just like I imagined she had once upon a time before mounting him and riding him hard until he exploded inside my wet pussy.
I know he can’t wait for our next session!