My Sex Therapy Sessions: An Unexpected Journey

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When my therapist suggested an alternative approach to my deepest desires, I was curious and a little nervous. But, boy, did I embrace the ride!

He started off slow, asking me to envision my ultimate fantasies. I described a world of erotic dominance, a place where I was in control and left my mark on willing participants.

Little did I know that my shrink had a few tricks up his sleeve. He suggested a live demonstration, an indulgent role-play to help me unlock my hidden potential.

The session took an unexpected turn when he produced a crop and told me to demonstrate my skills. The power rushed through me as I saw his eyes gleam with anticipation.

I ran my fingers down his pants, savoring the effect I had on him. With a naughty glint in my eye, I knees and went straight for his jugular—I mean, his crotch.

The moment my lips touched his thighs, I could feel his excitement surge. I looked up at him through my lashes, and he grasped my head, guiding my mouth to his aching member.

I took him deep, showing him the art of my throat’s caress. The muscles in his face strained as he fought to maintain control. But I wanted him to lose it, to submit to my will.

As I worked my magic, the room filled with his moist groans, a symphony of sensual delight. And when I felt him explode, the satisfaction was akin to conquering the highest peak.

Our sessions became legendary—a journey of discovery, power exchange, and intense orgasms. He unlocked my true nature and helped me claim my title as the dominant vixen I was meant to be.

Those sex therapy sessions were more than just kinky experiments; they were a revelation, a gateway to embracing my inner sensualist.

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