Date night wallet drain

Sexy babeChoosing which lingerie to wear underneath my tight sexy dress for our date tonight is by far the hardest decision of my day! And let’s make this clear, I am only going on said date with you because you paid a pretty penny for me to be your sexy babe for the evening. I felt comfortable enough with your financial  situation to meet up with you and have some fun once again. I know how much you have missed me since the last time you took me out and showed me off. I love kicking my sexy feet up while you do everything for me and treat me like the princess that I am. I want another massage as well, I still can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was last time! All I wanna do is eat five star meals and get my pussy eaten for as long as I fucking want, whenever I want! I love having natural sex appeal and cock control over you! There’s no drug like me baby and you know it! I need to feel that dick throbbing all up inside of me after you get me soaking wet with that slutty mouth of yours. Throw my ass back on it and make my cheeks clap as I cum hard. No need for dessert, this pussy is plenty enough to compensate!

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