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Fuck Whore Teacher For Her Student

Coed phone sex Tim was a great student of mine; however he really struggled in my English class. I came over for his tutoring session and he was just miserable and not willing to learn. I asked him how he thought he would pass if he did not take any of this seriously. He looked at me with his devious eyes and said “Miss.Bridgette I have much better ways that would make you pretty happy to pass me”. I giggled in confusion and said “Tim I am sorry but your football career won’t be there if you can’t pass my class”. He looked at me up and down and said “I was not referring to football mam”. I asked him what he meant and could not believe what I was hearing .

He said “I think you know what I mean but you are acting shy and professional; you and I both know you would love to rip off that skirt and top and let me get a piece of that ass and pussy”. I was in complete shock and replied saying “Tim I think we should probably stop right there considering I am your teacher and that is completely inappropriate”. He said, “Oh, and your revealing outfits where I can see your cleavage and the outline of your pussy through your pants at school isn’t inappropriate mam”? I began to get a little hot and bothered and he knew it..

So he took his hand and put it on my thigh and said “I have always wondered what it would be like to take my slutty English teacher up to my bedroom and use her for a good grade”. Then he slid his hand under my skirt and rubbed the outside of my panties. I was soaking wet and my panties were barely covering my cunt lips so he could feel my juices all over. He laughed and grabbed me and took me up to his room. He threw me down on the bed and ripped open my shirt and bra so my tits bounced out. He looked at me and said “So, do we have a deal slut?’. I moaned and shook my head.

Then he tore my panties off, lifted my skirt up, spread my legs and slid his rock hard shaft inside me. He plowed me for quite a bit as my tits bounced in his face; I came on his cock over and over again. He laughed as he railed me and said “You are way more fun to listen to with my cock in your holes bitch”. He kept going and than pulled his cock out and said “Now I am going to blow my seed on your face and maybe then you will understand who is in charge now you fucking cum rag”. He nutted all over my face, got up, threw me my panties and said “So, a B+ will suffice for me, thanks whore”.

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I am a mature sexy babe with a sweet hairy fuck hole ready to make you happy. I got myself all dolled up today and wore something skimpy for you. I knew you were going to be at home so I figured I can keep my window opened and sit here with my hot hole spread open. I thought maybe it would entice you enough to come knock on my door so you can get my attention. I wanted you to notice me so you can get your load off inside me. I see how busy and tired you are after work so I figured you would do well with a pretty girl like me willing to make all your stress just disappear. Come here and fuck your slut neighbor! I am so needy I have been wanting you for days.. I can’t wait until you have me spread over your cock; I will milk you dry baby!

Fuck Me Like My Sister


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         What a Cocksucker! I knew I couldn’t trust my sister around my new boyfriend, every time I bring someone around, she flashes them with her Big Tits, allowing them to see everything Cody paid for. This time I get to enjoy what she’s had for years; She drove to pick up a package downtown, so his cock was all mine! While my boyfriend was in the shower, Cody popped open a beer-I figured I would bend over- bumping him with my sexy ass. I knew he wanted it but he was always too kind. I grabbed his hands and glided them up my skirt, watching his cock get hard, my Pussy already dripping down my thighs, I pulled his shorts down so quick ready to suck that juicy cock as it bounced out and smacked me in the face. He didn’t even want to wait-he lifted me and pinned me against the wall shoving his thick dick all the way up my cunt; OH FUCK YES! It was bigger than I imagined! The way he pounded me, kissing my neck, slobbering all over my tits, I knew he was starving. I let him fuck me until my I squirt all over the kitchen floor. As he pulled out my boyfriend came in, Cock out ready to feed me. Instead of getting mad he told Cody to fuck me from behind like the slut I am while he shoved his Meat stick down my throat. I was so fucking satisfied to be getting both of their Juicy cocks that night. Wait ‘til she finds out I let him spread his hot creamy seeds deep inside my tight juicy cunt ahahaha!

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Slow and Fast I hope it lasts, give me everything my cunt desires. Pin me up against the wall, rip my panties off and fuck me like the whore I am. I want you to shove that cock so deep in my slippery cunt that you hold my breath away from me. I want you to make me moan until your neighbors wake up screaming my name. I’ll be your Cum whore only after you let me tie you to the bed and ride your face for being so good to me. Every man deserves a woman that will fulfill his sexual desires. Fuck your wife for neglecting that juicy cock of yours. From now on, It shouldn’t matter where we are, when I tell you I need to be fucked, I expect your dick out and ready. If I tell you not to cum, you better hold it, because honey we’re gonna have to go again. The more rounds we go on, the nastier we’ll get, and I mean rimming each other’s assholes so deep you’ll taste what I had for dinner last night.

Roleplaying Slut

Erotic roleplaying

A dirty cunt like me loves to role play and try new things. You have a fantasy baby? You have a fetish daddy? I am all about that sophisticated but freaky phone sex. I aim to please daddy. The best roleplay fantasy was a guy who wanted my best friend and I to act like his two youngsters. He was a crime boss in a Mexican cartel. He got into some trouble and sold us in exchange for drugs and money that he had owed. We were forced to suck hard cock day in and day out until our crime boss daddy’s debt was paid and full. “You black whores drop to your knees.””Open your mouth wider.” “Suck my balls.” Those were the words we heard every day for a year straight like clockwork. Our tight little mouths would get lock jaw once a week and there was nothing we could do. Some of the guys would fuck us too in all our different holes. Our youngster pussies were sore every night. Sometimes we would scream and cry but no one would hear or help us. After he was finally able to pay off his debt our daddy came and picked us up. He paid his debt in full and we were free from all those men who lined up waiting to take their turns on us.

Mommy Fucks Babysitter

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“Oh my God! Yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder! This was the 5th night that I was fucking my little one’s babysitter. He is so hot, young and his cock is huge. He started babysitting my little girl about 2 months go after my husband picked up his second job. He never paid attention to me anyway. Here this young man was satisfying my every need. We fucked everywhere throughout the house. Kitchen. My youngster’s room, the shower, the couch, it was amazing. His thick young cock deep in my tight black pussy. In his eyes I was his own personal milf from Thursday to Sunday. “Oh yeah baby! Fuck this tight pussy.” I moaned and screamed uncontrollably. He knew exactly how to please me, “You like that shit huh?” He asked me. “Yes! I love it! I’m about to cum.” “Cum on this big young cock.” Seconds later I was creaming and squirting all over that cock. After I slid his hard cock in my mouth. Sucking all my nut and juices. “Hmm fuck! I love that tight black mouth.” I sucked and sucked, deep throating every inch. Not gagging at all. “Fuck I’m about to nut.” I made my lips wrap around his cock a little tighter and my throat a little deeper. I was about to be his milfy cum dumpster. He let off huge creamy nut in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

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shaved wet pussyWhat would you do if I was fucking my shaved wet pussy on you and yours wifes bed? Could you resist me with your wife downstairs asleep on the couch? I know you would have questions. This dildo? Oh, I found it on the bedside table as I was cleaning your bedroom. Your wife really likes her buzzy toy doesn’t she? It feels really good sliding up and down on my pussy lips and teasing my clit. You have no words as I spread my legs more and throw my head back. Your dick does all the speaking as you get closer to my mouth. Those Khakis are going to bust if you don’t let your dick out to play. That’s right grab my hair and the vibe as you unleash that beast. Shove your dock down my throat and fuck me with your wifes sex toy! Hurry now she might wake up and come looking for us. Fuck my mouth and my wet bald pussy! Give me all that yummy cum for the best deep throat quickie while your wife is close by!

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I get to use my holes for profit, I will have a guy pay me to lick my cunt and asshole. I have a jonh that loves licking and sucking every single one of my toes until I squat over his mouth and piss all in it. He swallows every drop of my hot piss and when I am done he licks me clean. Another john loves my asshole, I sit on his face as he sticks his nose as far as it can go in my asshole and just sniffs me as I stroke his cock. He licks and and when he is ready I sit on his cock with my ass. He loves how tight it is and how it milks his cockfoot fetishes . I love that his cock is big and when I finger my wet cunt I can feel how deep in my ass he is. He is the only one that can fill my asshole up until it over loads with his cum.  

Fantasy phone sex slut Angela

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I’m Angela and being a hot and naughty, fantasy phone sex whore is what I love to do for fun. I’m very fortunate to not have to work. My husband takes care of everything I could ever want or need. All he asks for in return, is that I keep my hot, wet pussy ready for the studs he brings home to fuck me. This leaves me at home all day long, bored and horney as fuck. Sometimes I go out and find guys to fuck while I’m waiting for him to get home. I really love to stay home, get on the phone and tease my pretty pussy. I also love to make hard dicks cum for me while I wait for those huge cocks that my husband is bringing to slam my cunnie. I know that once he gets home, I’ll be on all fours for hours, having my fuck holes reamed with massive, cum spurting cocks. He’ll sit in the corner and beat his sad, little micro-penis while those real men get to fuck his hot little slut wife! I’m ready for them to come fuck me but I still have a little time if you want to play while I wait…

College Sluts

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It might be the time of year where everyone is on winter break, but don’t worry. You can still call me for college girls phone sex. I love phone fucking even when I’m away from my dorm room. Do you have a naughty professor fantasy or do you want to just fuck a college aged girl? Either way, I’ll be more than happy to make you cum. I even have some roleplay fantasies of my own and if you want, I will tell you all about them.
I get why you’d want to fuck girls my age. We are so much hotter than your shriveled up old wife. And we are tight and curvy in all the right places. I love when a man slides his cock inside me and tells me that I feel so much better than his wife. Or when he tells me that he hasn’t fucked his wife in so long because she’s a prude and she won’t let him fuck her the way I let him. I don’t consider it stealing someone away from his wife when she’s the one who pushed him away. Do you wanna fuck a college aged slut? Call me and tell me all about it!