Growing up I always knew I would need to be my own boss. I hated chores and never was the one to follow the rules just because someone said so. When I moved before turning 18 years old my mother was sure that I’d be back home in no time, but I was determined not to end up back in her box of a home. There was only one thing that kept my attention and kept me healthy other than sex. Sports and working out had been a consistent in my life for as long as I can remember, which made me the perfect stay at home girlfriend.

Every boyfriend I ever had loved the fact that I was into sports just as much as I loved to take a good deep pounding. Who wouldn’t love this beautiful ebony pussy? We could be watching the game one moment and having a cock suck off session the next. I always loved the relaxed setting of game day sex, and if his team lost I knew exactly how to make it all better. All of my friends and family know how much I love to eat, so each boyfriend I’ve had was well taken care off in the kitchen too!

Now I find that the all women’s sports club I opened this past summer is keeping me very busy day and night and a full time boyfriend is almost impossible. I love my company but it kills my whole personal life, I have no time during the week for a quick bite to eat or maybe even breakfast. I force myself to have my weekends free and I do love to have that free time reserved for someone special who can make me feel appreciated and appreciate the things I do for him. I would love to have a man there for me at the end of each day, but for now I’ll have to settle for the weekend boyfriend. Or perhaps I can just be your GFE phone sex girlfriend. 🙂

Now its time for you to call me so I can be your ebony phone sex girlfriend, sexy!