Sex Therapy with Divina

Sex Therapy Porn

I’m working on getting my sex therapist credential and I had my first client the other day. He was a sex addict and couldn’t seem to satiate his cravings. He was so fucking hot and I could see the thick imprint of his cock through his pants, which made my pussy as wet as all the great lakes combined! As part of his treatment, I suggested that he fuck me hard on my sofa, just so I could see what kind of sex addict he is. He wasted no time whipping out his 11″ cock, pushing me face down on my sofa and plunging straight into my wet cunt. He pounded away, making me squirt and cream over and over until I was screaming. He fucked me like that for the entire session and wasn’t anywhere near busting his load. I had to cancel the rest of my clients that day to make sure he had my undivided attention. He pumped his dick in my pussy until my lips became fat and swollen, and then he moved on to my throat, making me swallow him until I couldn’t breathe. A few hours later, he started pounding my ass, finishing deep inside my shit hole remaining inside me when he was done, twitching and throbbing. My remedy for him is to see me once a day, every day going forward, so he can get his fill with a true whore like myself who love being fucked intensely. This ought to cure him for sure!

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