Ass fetish is what I have and I am proud

Anyone who knows me knows I have an Ass fetish. I  love my ass to be worshiped. I have the perfect ass for that. You know it and love it. I have always known I’m the hottie every man wants so I use that to get what I want. Sometimes i just want my ass licked and fucked. Last night I called my favorite rim king. He came over and right away I sat on his face, I was horny and my pussy and ass wanted his tongue so bad. I rode his face hard and played with my pussy. It is fun to use his tongue. I pulled his cock out and started edging him. Every time I did that he would have big loads and blast all over. I wanted to see how high I could get him to shoot his load this time while using his tongue on my ass. I was so wet my pussy juices ran down his chin. Finally I squirted all over. It was so fun when I heard him gulping my juices.

Ass fetish

I flipped over and rubbed my wet gooey pussy all over his cock. I made sure it was all lubed up and slippery as I jacked his cock off on my Shaved wet pussy. When he was cumming I pointed his cock and his cum shot in the air about a foot up and came down on my face and boobs. That was so fun and I wanted to see how much more cum I could get out of him.

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