Nympho visits FL for Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex

Since I lost my v card, I have always been adventurous in the bedroom, but recently, I’ve been craving more Exhibitionist sex. With winter coming, I figure, why not head to FL where gloryholes are plenty, and cum is flowing.

However, there are many more places in Tampa than just the gloryholes. I figure parks after dark are a great place to have sex in public. Of course, I brought one of my playboys along to escort me.

When they arrived at the park, we found a secluded spot and began to get to fucking. My partner was excited but a bit nervous. My pussy was all for it, though. My sissy partner had to make sure to keep an eye out for anyone who might be passing by.

Once we were both naked, the fucking proceeded. I couldn’t help but feel both exhilarated and scared, but the thrill was undeniable. My partner was just as into it as I was after we started, and the onlookers heightened the arousal of the situation.

When we noticed a crowd of park men gathering around, my cunt began to drip. Once 15 men surrounded us, I blacked out into that state only nymphos experience when sex is all there is. I felt like I had ultimately let go. I had become a bitch in heat, and my partner was the dog mounting me. The ecstasy of the experience still makes me touch myself.

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