Hey there my name is Whitney. And I am the lady next door you have always dreamed about! See I am very proactive in my neighborhood. I am the head of my very own community watch program. And I take my job very seriously! I believe every young man needs a mature woman to be his mentor. His trainer of sorts. It is good for the entire neighborhood. These young men will take everything I teach them and use it to please all their future girlfriends! It is a lot of hard work. I have to keep an eye out for budding young men. It takes a lot of one on one teach time to train a man properly. I give lessons in pussy licking and how to stay hard for hours. It is a lot of work but they can’t resist my shaved wet pussy, that is for sure. But so well worth it! I love being filled with cum every day! And seeing these fumbling boys turn into Masterful lovers is so rewarding. I never knew how fantastic Community Service could be!

Now of course part-time I am doing this mature phone sex gig and I love it. I get to talk to lots of horny guys both young and old. Plus I get to tell all the neighborhood boys about all the sexy chat I am having on these calls with all you horny guys. It is win/win for me definitely. Me and my toys are ready babe, call me!

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