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My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish and He Wanted Mine

ass fetish


So, I recently learned that my neighbor has an Ass fetish. We’ve slept together quite a few times and he’s never once tried to put it in my ass. Last night we were out back on his deck having a couple drinks because the cool air was nice and crisp around sundown. He was definitely feeling a bit frisky, I could tell.

He kept slapping my ass when I walked by or would rub up against my ass whenever I would lean up against the side railing. When we sat down on the couch, I sat between his legs. He was in a cuddly mood; I could tell the drinks were kicking in full gear. He rubbed my shoulders and slipped my bra off exposing my sexy breasts.

Nothing Better Than Being Man Handled

I loved feeling his rough hard-working hands run over my nipples. He was a construction worker, so he has calloused hands. They feel amazing when they’re gliding over my hard nipples, it sends shivers down my back. Ever since we started fucking, I’ve never left his house without being filled full of cum. He enjoys shooting his hot load deep inside my juicy wet pussy. 

As we sat there, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, pressing up against my ass. He asked me to stand up, so I did. He lifted up my dress, I wasn’t wearing any panties like usual. My nice tight round ass was in his face. He turned me around just a little, so my ass was directly in his face. Who could resist a hot sexy woman like me anyways? 

He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and shoved his face right between them. Fuck his tongue felt so good. I never knew he was an ass man. He didn’t skip a beat at all, he was tongue fucking my ass like no other. I knew he was getting my ass ready for a good pounding. If you want to know what he did next, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and call me and let’s have some sexy chat!

Hot Sexy Woman Whitney Seduces Neighbor


hot sexy woman
I know I’m a hot sexy woman, and so do all my neighbors. Now that it’s summertime I knew it was time to start wearing skimpy clothes and bathing suits. Luckily for me one of my neighbors is a young hot stud! I’m sure he’s well hung, too. If only I was able to find out.

I tease him here and there. Flash my sweet smile when I see him out back cutting his grass or grilling on his BBQ. This summer I know I’m going to find a way into his bed, or bent over his BBQ, who knows!

I Have the Perrrfuckt Idea

I all of a sudden had an idea, maybe I could drop some hints through some sexy chat. We would text from time to time. Maybe I can send him a text and see if that will do the trick. Start it out as an innocent text, maybe ask him if he can come over and fix my leaky sink.

Although I’ll have to find a way to make it start leaking, lol! But I know I could manage to figure something out. Nowadays men his age are always on their phones anyways. So maybe with a nice picture and some sexy phone chat I can seduce him!

Maybe it’ll work just enough to be able to work my way between those sexy legs of his and get my mouth on that juicy big cock! I just want to ravage his body with mouth. I want to feel his arms around my body as he touches every last square inch of it.

Fondling my tits and getting me nice and juicy wet. Gagging on his cock, getting him nice and hard so he can bend me over that fucking BBQ and fuck my juicy hot wet pussy. Fuck this summer is going to be so much fun! 

Cuckold Phone Sex – Forcing my Husband to Watch me get Fucked

Cuckold phone sex will drive you wild. I love forcing my husband to sit and watch me get fucked. Making him sit back and watch as some young stud rams his huge cock deep inside his wife’s pussy. Last night was one of those nights where I was out at the bar with a few of my friends from college.

It had been a while since we all got together, so I knew it was going to be a wild night. We’ve all been spread out across the country since we got our master’s 10 years ago. No better time than for a reunion. There were 6 of us including my husband.

cuckold phone sex

Shots and Dancing make me horny! 

We all got ready and met up at the bar. Had a great fun night filled with lots of shots, and dancing. I was so tipsy by the time we left the bar, I decided to invite over 2 of my old friends back home for more drinks. Little did I know, those 2 were going to surprise me with nice big stiff cocks as soon as we walked into the house.

I was immediately picked up and tossed on my couch. My shirt ripped open to expose my tits. My husband had this all planned. I knew that because when it started happening, he just walked over to his favorite recliner and sat down unbuttoning his pants. His cock was already rock hard.

I had a dress on and wasn’t wearing any panties, so Michael was already between my legs sucking on my clit while Damon was playing with my nipples. I looked over to see my husband stroking his cock while he watched us intently. I couldn’t help myself. I was moaning with erotic deep pleasure as Michael’s cock entered my soaking wet pussy.

Filling all my holes while he watched! 

I could feel Damon sliding his cock towards my mouth from above me, his balls tickling my forehead. I started sucking right as I was getting fucked nice and hard. Damon always thought I gave great blow jobs. I was always blowing him when we were stuck in long over night classes in college to keep him awake. He was definitely enjoying my mouth right now, that’s for sure!

All I could hear from my husband who was still on the recliner jerking off, saying “Fuck that’s so sexy babe! Suck his cock while he fucks you!” We kept going back and forth for about an hour until the guys we’re finally ready to cum!

They both shot their loads on shaved wet pussy! I then had my husband come over and lick me clean. Fuck that was a great a night. Why don’t you call me so we can have a great night together, too? 

Shaved wet pussy wants to be used

shaved wet pussy


My shaved wet pussy was begging for his cock so badly. He’s my neighbor’s husband, and he looks so fucking hot outside mowing his grass or working on his old muscle car. His wife thinks I’m just a very friendly neighbor because I’m always bringing him something to drink when I see him outside sweating.

As you know I’m a pretty big deal around here in my neighborhood. I make the wives think that I’m here watching out to make sure our neighborhood is safe, but in reality, I’m just trying to see how many of their husbands I can get to fuck the shit out of me when their wives aren’t home!

It’s really not that hard to do, honestly. All you have to do is be subtle, tease them, invite them over and let them in on your secret. They never turn me down. All of them think they’re the only one. They all think I only do this with them, and that I feel really bad about even doing it.

Little do they know though, I’m fucking several of my neighbors’ husbands, and even a few of their sons! Just because I’m a bit older, doesn’t mean that I don’t crave being fucked up against a wall every now and again. I’ve perfected sucking cock, I can get any man to cum with my mouth skills. There isn’t a man that I’ve met that I haven’t been able to get him to squirt his hot load all over my face.

What I really want to eventually do, is try and get into one of the wives’ beds. Turn her husband into a little cuck and have him watch me fuck her with a big strap on. Cuckold phone sex gets me really horny. Everything makes me horny now a days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get that sexy neighbor of mine to come over and fuck me. But for now, I’m only a phone call away, lets cum together! 

Hot Sexy Woman Next Door

Hot sexy woman


Ever had a dream about that hot sexy woman next door? Wishing you could just walk over there one day, asking her for a cup of milk or a soda, and she invites you inside. Well that’s just what kind of neighbor I am. I’m always inviting my married neighbors over for a dinner night, or a pool party. I live in the South. Summertime is my favorite time of the year.

Pool parties, frilling and hanging out. Fucking my friend’s husband in my laundry room while everyone’s outside in the pool. You know, the normal things in life. Just last week in fact, I threw a pool party to ring in the summertime warmth. All my neighbors are pretty much in their mid to late 20’s. All have great paying jobs, mostly married.

We live just outside the city maybe 15 minutes, in a well-kept suburb. I’m pretty well known around here for everything I do for our community, but little do most wives know, I’m actually screwing their husbands behind their backs. I tell all the husbands they’re the only one, they can’t tell anyone about us or their wife would find out.

I’m literally the slut next door to almost everyone on my block and none of them know! Ha! I keep it very hush hush, I’m even sleeping with 2 wives, and their husbands, and neither of them know. You’re probably thinking, this woman is well into her 40’s. Well I just get sweeter with age, my pussy is as tight as ever, and my hunger for sexy phone chat is just as big as my hunger for sex. 


Learn To Serve A Queen

Mature phone sex

I’m not some princess who trembles from the single soft touch of a man. I’m a queen who deserves to quiver underneath a man with a hard cock and endless amounts of stamina. If you’re a two pump-chump take the road and leave this wild ride to an experienced man.  I enjoy hours of pleasure like a taking a real deep breath, I only emerge to freshen up only to be on the hunt for more. In my older age my sexual appetite has clearly grown larger and requires more attention than ever before. It’s one of the many reasons I can not settle for just one man, it’s better to have multiples. I enjoy the variety and immense pleasure from being a very open and welcoming sexual partner. Always eager to find out what someone new could bring to my bed.

The Start Of My Cuckold Relationship

Cuckold phone sex

I’ve been married to my very loyal husband for over twenty years, it’s been a wonderful journey and he’s been my cuck for about eight years now. It started much like how a lot of them do. I was bored in my marriage and felt neglected from time to time and was most certainly not getting the sexually satisfaction that I deserved. My husband isn’t lacking in the size department but he was not home nearly as much as he should have been. So I started having little affairs here and there, nothing serious. It went on for a couple of years until one day I had one of my lovers over and we were fucking right on the kitchen table when my husband walked right in on us. My lover pulled his cock out of me and I was sure my husband saw my cunt filled with cum. He simply turned around and left. I didn’t fret much, I had figured he would catch me eventually and at that point, I was hoping he would it was getting tiring hiding all of my extra activities. I was however very surprised when he came home with flowers and plowed me all night long. He told me seeing me with another man was the biggest turn on of his life, and begged me to continue fucking other men. Obviously I have been doing just that, ever since.

Your Four Inches Insults Me

Small dick humiliation

When I bring a man to my bed it’s not often a split second decision. I have a lot of men pine after me, begging for the opportunity for one night with me. When you choose to chase me, you better have the stuff I need. Bringing you into my bedroom is a privilege so for you to drop your pants and reveal to me a shrimp between your legs you can only imagine my huge disappointment. Or maybe you can’t? It’s apparent you don’t know the definition of huge. I’m a full grown woman with a long list of conquest what do you think your four inches of pathetic man meat will accomplish with me? I seek real worthy lovers, I’m not a woman who gives out pity sex. Do not insult me with your waste of space.

Let’s Evaluate

Phone sex therapy

Often men don’t seem to know why they like what they do. Some try to rationalize their fetishes with environment, background, or situation. Truthly it’s best to know that your brain is the largest sexual organ that you have. The more you know how to use that for your sexually pleasure the better. How else do you think I could have a such a wonderful sex life with my husbands who’s sadly lacking in the size department. I’m not talking about cheating or cuckolding, I’m actually refering to our one on one sex lives. The imagination can be a powerful thing and our fetishes are only fuel that powers the brain. In fact I can get myself off in a matter of moments with some steady focus and a little alone time. Not that I have too there is plenty of cock for me to enjoy but I found it helpful to know all that I can about sex. To not just help myself, but others as well. I make men addicted to my talents simply because I know how long to keep them on edge for an explosive orgasm that they most likely have never been able to experience before in their lives. It would be very beneficial for you to evaluate your mind and self, and make sure you are not missing out on a great sexual experience.

Check My Trimming

Mature phone sex

I find satisfaction in my many but very satisfying affairs that I’ve engaged in over the years. I wouldn’t use the term whore to describe me, I’m just an older woman with a very healthy sex drive. Knowing this you wouldn’t at all be surprised that I set my eyes on my young gardener recently. He came up to me to discuss how I would like the trimming down on the bushes and I just couldn’t help myself but to seize a perfectly good opportunity. I invited him inside to take a look at a trimming of my own. I got up on a counter and open my robe, and flashed him my very wet and ready pussy. Had him get a nice close look and then grabbed his face and put his oral skills to the test.