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Phone sex therapy

Often men don’t seem to know why they like what they do. Some try to rationalize their fetishes with environment, background, or situation. Truthly it’s best to know that your brain is the largest sexual organ that you have. The more you know how to use that for your sexually pleasure the better. How else do you think I could have a such a wonderful sex life with my husbands who’s sadly lacking in the size department. I’m not talking about cheating or cuckolding, I’m actually refering to our one on one sex lives. The imagination can be a powerful thing and our fetishes are only fuel that powers the brain. In fact I can get myself off in a matter of moments with some steady focus and a little alone time. Not that I have too there is plenty of cock for me to enjoy but I found it helpful to know all that I can about sex. To not just help myself, but others as well. I make men addicted to my talents simply because I know how long to keep them on edge for an explosive orgasm that they most likely have never been able to experience before in their lives. It would be very beneficial for you to evaluate your mind and self, and make sure you are not missing out on a great sexual experience.

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