A Mature Sexy Babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. There is no expiration date on sexiness. I am a mature woman, but like a fine wine, I am only better with age. My next door neighbor has a house guest. A sexy younger man. Not too young, but younger than me. I wanted to explore things. You know, see if I could get his attention. I stepped outside to get my paper in my sexy lingerie that leaves little to the imagination. I don’t need to do much to grab anyone’s attention. I ooze sex appeal. I don’t mind showing off my body either. I am an exhibitionist sex slut. So, even if I didn’t get his attention, looking like I do, I would get some one’s attention. Who am I kidding? I always get my man. My neighbor’s house guest came out to say hello and see if I was locked out of the house of something. I saw the wood in his sleep pants. I invited him in for coffee. I don’t even drink coffee. There is none in the house, so I had hoped he didn’t want coffee either. He didn’t. He just wanted to fuck the sexy MILF next door. He wasted no time. He bent me over my couch and fucked me from behind. His cock was big and throbbing. It pulsated in and out of my cunt while I convulsed on his member. He was hitting my G-spot and I was squirting all over his young stud dick. This young man was a skilled lover. He had stamina too. He stayed hard after he came to fuck me again. This time we made an ass sex porn. His cock was super wet from my cunt, so it slipped into my ass easily. By the time he was gone, I was filled with cum and satisfied. I hope he plans on staying awhile.

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