Cop Tricks

Erotic roleplaying


I got stopped by the cops this morning two big brawny assholes. These cops were worse than first-class fuck heads and they were trying to start trouble with me, but I have a secret for problems. I have always been the kind of cum guzzling whore that sucks cocks so well it makes men turn into crazy bastards that will do anything I tell them. I looked at one of the cops, and he told me right out that I have a warrant I said I don’t have a warrant he argued that I did. I knew what I had to do. I had to please them both so I grabbed one of the cops bulge in his pants, and I pulled him close to me he didn’t even resist. This motherfucker grabbed my hand and squeezed my hand around his cock even tighter, so I knew that he was good to go, and I wasn’t going to jail today. I told Mr. Cop guy Big Dick Willie is what I call him two let me fix him up so that he can fix my warrant for me. He took his cock out right in front of me it was rock hard he pressed it onto my lips, and I started to suck it. I sucked his big hard dick for him while the other cop got inside of my car on the passenger side and took his cock out and started to massage it for me. The two cops decided that they were going to let me drive my car to my house and when we got to my house they both got out and came inside my house with me. The real action started once I close the door to my front door. I was getting fucked by two cops that would be thrusting their big cum filled dongs inside of me fucking me at both ends I’m sucking cock while getting fucked in my asshole it was great. I found out after everything was over I didn’t even have warrants those guys just wanted me to do anything to get out of going to jail even though I wasn’t in any danger of going to jail. Cops are so fucking full of lies, but they’re also full of cum, so it’s okay.

Hot sexy woman


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  1. Carlos

    Hot Damn, Renee. You are a marvelous phone fuck.

  2. Bryan

    You were so hot tonight! Thank you cock sucking whore.

  3. Ned

    Sexy Call I will be calling back baby!

  4. carl

    damn you are such a sexy woman

  5. Fred

    You dirty whore

  6. Mr Pete

    I will stop you anytime honey

  7. shawn

    cum all over my face

  8. Steve

    I would love to pull you over!

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