The Start Of My Cuckold Relationship

Cuckold phone sex

I’ve been married to my very loyal husband for over twenty years, it’s been a wonderful journey and he’s been my cuck for about eight years now. It started much like how a lot of them do. I was bored in my marriage and felt neglected from time to time and was most certainly not getting the sexually satisfaction that I deserved. My husband isn’t lacking in the size department but he was not home nearly as much as he should have been. So I started having little affairs here and there, nothing serious. It went on for a couple of years until one day I had one of my lovers over and we were fucking right on the kitchen table when my husband walked right in on us. My lover pulled his cock out of me and I was sure my husband saw my cunt filled with cum. He simply turned around and left. I didn’t fret much, I had figured he would catch me eventually and at that point, I was hoping he would it was getting tiring hiding all of my extra activities. I was however very surprised when he came home with flowers and plowed me all night long. He told me seeing me with another man was the biggest turn on of his life, and begged me to continue fucking other men. Obviously I have been doing just that, ever since.

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