Naughty Teacher Farah Needs a Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacher Naughty teacher Farah is happy to be back to school full time again. I only teach 3 days a week, but I am on campus recruiting my next teacher’s pet. I think I found one on Friday. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. He is rugged looking, built like a linebacker, smart and has a sexy accent that makes my cunt wet when he talks. He was the first student to stop by my office hours during the first week of classes. I think he is sweet on me already. He speaks English fine, just with a German accent. We were able to communicate. He told me has always had a teacher / student fantasy. I love erotic roleplaying in the bedroom. Why not in my office too? I mean, he really is my student and I am his teacher. I told him the terms of being the teacher’s pet and he wanted the job. I sat on my big cherry oak desk with my legs spread and he practiced his oral skills. I don’t know what they teach over in Germany, but my guess was expert cunt licking. My toes were curling. My body was shaking. And I was squirting. Week one and I already have a teacher’s pet!

erotic roleplaying

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