Such A Sissy

fantasy phone sexI know that you will do what ever I say exactly when I tell you to do it. So when you needed me last night while your wife was there I knew just what to do. I new you were sitting right next to her but that didn’t stop me from getting you all nice and hard. You have such a tiny little fucking cock that I don’t even think she would notice. But you new what was going to happen next didn’t you? You knew that I was going to make you go into that closet of yours and put on a short little skirt, a matching red thong and bra set, high white stockings, and a sexy pair of high heels. I watched you walk out and made you do a twirl like the little fucking sissy you are right in front of me. I watched your tiny little ass bounce while you did it and I made you get on your knees. I took out a huge thick black strap on that I know you couldn’t wait for me to use on you. I didn’t even have to tell you to open that pretty little fucking whore mouth and suck on it, getting it all nice and fucking wet. You did such a good job that I thought you were ready. I stood you up, lifted that little skirt and shoved the big fucking cock into your tight little asshole. I fucked you so fucking hard and fast until I watched you cum all over her fucking pillow.

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