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Threesome Best Phone Sex!

best phone sexI just love playing with my girlfriends! We always have so much fun together! My bestie Kimmie and I have been playing together since we were little. We first started playing “doctor” and it just progressed
from there. She’s from Hungry, like me, and it feels like we’re sisters. She is always so good to me, very generous with her tongue on my pussy. She knows exactly what I like. She usually makes me cum several times before she lets me suck on her little, blond cunt. She always smells and tastes so good!

Our other girlfriend, Sasha, we met while we were in college. She’s from Russia, so there is a language barrier there, but that doesn’t stop us. It was just an instant connection with all 3 of us. The sexual chemistry
is just amazing between us! Sasha loves using her strap-on with Kimmie and me, fucking us over and over. She gets off just fucking us! But, of course, both Kimmie and I go down on her and suck her beautiful, tight
little Russian pussy.

Our threesomes are the best times ever! We love having boys watch us fuck one another! Such a turn on! Wanna come and join the fun?

Coed Phone Sex in the Shower

coed phone sexTeen sex is so awesome, especially in my shower! I just love my shower time! I love getting my body all soaped up, playing with my baby titties and my sweet, little pussy. I always use the hand-held shower massager all over my body, but I especially love that water pressure on my clitty. Makes me cum every time! I also love making myself cum, and leaving the massager on my pussy so I can immediately cum again. I do this over and over, sometimes staying in the shower for over an hour!

Sometimes, I bring my pink, little dildo in the shower with me. I love feeling the water pulsate down my body, into my sweet pussy, and working that dildo in and out of my tight, little slit. I always fantasize about cock when I’m in the shower. My best fantasy I think about is bending over in the shower to shave my legs, and having you surprise me by getting in without my knowing. Then, feeling your nice, rock hard cock up against my ass really gets me going! I love it when you force yourself on me, shoving your big rod up inside me. Feeling the nice, warm water cascading down my body as you fuck me, is the best feeling ever!  These 2 hour long showers are my favorite!  Wanna get wet with me?

I have a new neighbor

I have a new neighbor. OMG he is so handsome. I think he is single. You know, a bachelor. I watched the movers put his things away and nothing was feminine. I prefer single men. I can fuck them more because they can fuck me when I want to be fucked; not just when they can get away from their wives. I decided to be neighborly last night. I put on something sexy, baked a pie and went to say hello. I had a bottle of good bourbon with me because I could see his Maker’s Mark collection through the window. His name is Pete. He just got a new technology job in the city, so he bought his first house. He didn’t mention a girlfriend and he was getting buzzed and commenting on my sexy legs. I blurted out that nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a hot blowjob. He paused because I think he wasn’t sure he heard me correctly. When I went to unzip his pants, he didn’t stop me, however. His cock was amazing. He manscapes! His cock was at least a solid 8-inches and thick too. I was showing off my cock sucking skills and being neighborly. He blew a hug load in my mouth. I love having new neighbors to fuck. I am the community welcoming slut.

Small Dick Loser Neighbor

small dick humiliation I have a dirty neighbor. He is always spying on me. He is much older than me, so that makes him a pervert. I love perverts though. Once I realized he was spying on me, I gave him a show. So last night I pranced around my room naked. I even sat on the edge of my bed with my legs spread. I got out my pink dildo and fucked my cunnie. I knew he was watching me, but I acted like I had no clue he was spying on me. I love being watched. Most men love watching me too because I have no shame. Honestly, I am an exhibitionist slut! I almost forgot he was spying on me from his bedroom window because I was cumming so much on my pink toy. When I heard something outside, it startled me. My voyeur was now a peeping Tom. He was right outside my window with his face pressed up against the window. I got up and walked over to the window, opened it up and asked him if he saw anything he liked? I wasn’t inviting him in until I knew he had a big dick.  It was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. I asked him if he had a big cock and he ran away. My guess he is a loser man with a small cock that has to be a peeping Tom because it is the only way he sees young cunnie like me.

Hot Sexy Woman Exhibitionist

I love my big bay windows, It makes it so easy for a hot sexy woman to show off her naked body.  There is a hot banker who bought the house next to me and when his tiny trophy wife leaves, I make it a point to be naked right in from of my window. Today I got my favorite dildo and was playing with myself with my leg in a chair the moment he looked over. He didn’t just watch he got out his dick and started stroking it. I finger him over and pointed downstairs. He nodded closed his robe and was gone. I met my naughty neighbor downstairs. He looked good for his age. He had thrown on running shorts and a t-shirt.  He could not contain the erection as I opened my door naked and pulled him inside. The neighbors would talk, and I was sure my own husband would hear all about his whore wife in whispers. “Oh, Mr. You have a nice cock,” I said as I sat him down and got between his knees. He smiled as I swallowed him whole. I bobbed up and down reaching between my legs fingering myself so I could take him deeper and faster. He growled and thanked me by giving the back of my throat a hot splash of jizz. I kissed him hard and told him to hurry back as his wife would wonder if she got home before she did. I am going to have so much fun fucking my neighbor.

Hot sexy woman

A sexy babe is always in high demand

sexy babeA sexy babe is always in high demand. I went to this new club over the weekend. I was dressed to kill. The problem was there were no guys in the club worth dying for! I mean every man  there was a broke ass loser. I only date rich men. I am all about the Benjamin’s. I have expensive tastes. After a few hours of talking to losers, I called an Uber. While I was waiting outside, this handsome man in a cashmere coat wearing a Rolex tried to steal my Uber. It was too cold outside for a hot chick like me to wait when that one belonged to me. When I explained that it was my ride, he offered me money to call another one. I suggested, we just share it. He agreed to that. He was clearly in a hurry. I tried to talk to him in the back seat, but he seemed disinterested. I saw no ring on his finger. The guy had to be gay not to like me. Even married men go for me all the time. I grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and he stopped me. Told me he wasn’t paying for sex. He thought I was a hooker. Now, I was insulted. A sugar baby maybe, a dirty hooker, never. We argued a bit, but I ended up riding his beautiful hard cock all the way to the airport. He wasn’t bitching when his cock was up my tight shaved pussy. When he left the ride at the airport, he made a rude comment. What the fuck was this dude’s issue. The joke was on him because I lifted his wallet. I mean, I was paying for this Uber ride and he was a total dick. I deserved something more than his cum up my pussy. The Uber driver saw me do it, but he didn’t care. He got to watch a hot sex show and he didn’t like the guy much either.

Sexy GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sex When I woke up this morning and headed to the mall, I never dreamed that I would end up having to use my deepthroat blowjob skills to keep me out of trouble with the police. I went to Macy’s to purchase some new makeup. I purchased my makeup, but on the way out I spotted this cute little dress. It was a deep blue just like my eyes. I took the dress into the dressing room to try on and it hugged every inch of this hot teen’s body. It made my perky tits look bigger and it barely covered my ass cheeks. I just had to have it. I looked down and saw the $275.00 price tag and realized I did not have the money. I decided that I could hide it in the bag with my newly purchased makeup and no one would be none the wiser. I left the dressing room and had made it across the store. I was just walking out of the store when you stopped me. You firmly grabbed me by the arm and told me that I had to come with you. I ask you what for and you reached in my bag and pulled out the dress. As I followed with you to the security office, you ask me why a pretty little thing like me was shop lifting. That was when I knew I could make this all go away by using my hot teen mouth to suck your big hard cock. As soon as we walked into the security office. I reached down and grabbed your cock. I unzipped your pants before you could even say anything and wrapped my baby soft lips around your big fat mushroom head. I started stroking the shaft of your cock as my mouth was sucking on the head. Then I slide my soft teen lips all the ways down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock deepthroating every inch of it in my mouth just as I had seen in the porn movies. Your cock exploded in my teen mouth covering it with a huge wad of cum. I swallowed every last drop and then I ask you if we were good. You nodded your head yes and I walked out of the store.


Let’s Cum Together

GFE phone sex

When you’re stressed out and need a sweet girl to cum with, call me up for some GFE phone sex. Let me tease you and please you with my sensual young voice. I’ll take all your cares away. Listen to me play with my wet little pussy for you baby. Lay back and stroke your nice big cock for me. I want to make you feel so good, baby. I want you to cum for me. Let me hear you shoot that big load of nice creamy warm goodness for me. I love making you cum for me. When I hear your cock exploding its load for me my sweet little pussy fucking squirts. Let’s cum together, baby.

You Can’t Fuck Me But You Can Watch

tease and denial

If you think you’re getting a taste of this sweet little honey pot you’re sadly mistaken. I can tell you have the tiniest cock. You can try and overcompensate for your shortcomings with those big muscles but you’re not fooling me. You’re trying to make up for the fact that you have a small dick that could never make me cum. I’m a total size queen and I only fuck with guys who have really big thick cocks that stretch me out and pound me. I like to play naughty little games of tease and denial with you. I’ll make you think you can fuck me but you can’t. If you’re lucky, I might let you watch me cum all over a nice BBC. That tiny cock will fucking love it. I know you’re jealous that you’ll never feel the inside of my pretty pink fuck hole, but I’ll let you clean it out after he fills me up with his load. I’ll make a good use out of you. I cum so hard when I get fucked by a big black cock but my pussy will fucking squirt that cum all over your face when I grind my cum filled pussy on your tongue. I fucking love letting little dick bitch boys clean me up!

I’ll Make A Cum Loving Sissy Out Of You

sissy humiliation

Little dick boys that try to take me home are in for a night a sissy humiliation. I love how they take a girl like me home and actually think I’m going to hook up with them. It’s such a disappointment when that take their pants off and this tiny said little thing flops out. I can’t even cum with that thing. I mean, my dildo that I use is fucking huge and your itty bitty clitty isn’t going to do anything for me. Shit, my fingers might be longer and thicker than you. So, instead of fucking me you get to wear my pretty panties while I make into a sissy bitch. I’m going call up a friend of mine to come over and show you what a fucking cock looks like. I’ll dress you up and teach you how to worshi[ that big beautiful piece of man meat. Come learn your place you little sissy boy. You’ll be begging for BBC cum like a proper slut by the time I’m done with you.

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