Upstairs Neighbor Really knows how to work my pipes!

Naughty neighbor phone sex

My Neighbor Unclogs My Pipe 

My plumbing was backed up and the plumber was going to take forever to come out to fix it. I know my hot neighbor is in construction so I went to ask him for help. I had no idea it would lead to Naughty neighbor phone sex.

Watching my neighbors strong biceps work on my plumbing got me all hot and bothered. He is very married and I never get him alone. I had to take advantage. Walking over to my counter I hopped on and spread my legs. Motioning for him to come here with one hand and rubbing my other hand over my nipples. I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he approached. 

We wasted no time on foreplay. I pulled out his cock, and pulled my wet panties to the side. Sliding him deep inside my tight pussy. Wrapping my legs around him pulling his dick in deeper. 

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