Slutty Beth loves putting on a show!

Real voyeur sex

Putting On A Show 

There is nothing then I love more than to leave my windows and curtains open when I am about to take a call. See I love Real voyeur sex so fucking much. It makes me squirt everywhere. 

Making sure to talk loud enough the my neighbors and anyone walking by can hear. See I want them to stop. I want them to peek in as I strip down slowly. The idea of you hearing and them watching as my hands work their way down between my thighs has me dripping wet. I want my orgasm to be a show!

Sometimes I stand right in my window. My back pressed against it so I can act like I don’t know they are watching. Sticking two fingers deep into the fuck hole. Plunging in and out fast. Leaving a cum stain all over the window. Knowing I have at least you and one other man jerking off for me is always going to make me cum.

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