Ass fetish? Say less… Yes Please

Ass fetish

I’ve always had an Ass fetish. I guess it started when I was young, watching my mom’s ass as she got out of the shower. My mom had one sexy ass. I think she knew just how sexy it was because she didn’t bat an eye when I started to come on to her. Mommy and I had our bi-sexual fun, but I was always the submissive, just there for her pleasure.

It wasn’t until Mommy introduced me to her boyfriends that I opened up to the sexual pleasure of my ass being fucked and fondled. The first time I had a full-ass session was with her boyfriend when she was at work. He was just over double my age but still younger than her. He knew I was sexually progressive for my age and would do anything to see him cum. So when I was on my knees sucking him off, it didn’t seem odd that he asked me to stand up and turn around and sit on his cock. Of course, I agreed. He fucked me for a few minutes and then asked if I’d ever been fucked in my ass. I had only been fucked in my ass with mommy’s strap-on. So he said he could pop my cherry with a man anally fucking me. Hell yeah! That first hard cock in my ass pushed me into a pleasure zone that I still remember to this very day. I just can’t seem to get that out of my head with every cock I take splitting open my ass; my cunt squirts with that initial push always.

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