Mutual masturbation stories


Mutual masturbation stories bethMutual Masturbation stories: have you ever been so fucking horny you can’t wait to go home. How do you handle that? Well, I can’t always get home soon enough so I take care of myself wherever I am. That means wherever, in my car if there’s traffic, at work if I can’t get off early or if I’m in a restaurant I go to the bathroom get myself off. Let me tell you about a time I went to this fancy restaurant for a date. The guy was devilishly hot, and I could even see the print of his cock on his pants. Yummy!!  I’ve been horny all fucking day and I thought we could help each other out. I start playing footsies with his dick under the table. I know he likes it because he has the biggest grin ever. I suggest he sit next to me on my side of the booth. The booth is big enough to give us some cover.  We start masturbating each other and trying to chat at the same time, so things seem normal to any onlookers. He has his fingers so far up my pussy that I moan hard and here comes the waiter, “mam, are you ok? I say, Yes, yes, this salad is fucking delicious.” Minutes later we both cum just in time for the main course. I lick my lips and whisper, “I want dessert, your cock in my pussy.”


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