Sexy babe Lena will fulfil your needs!

Sexy babe

Sexy babe Lena will fulfil your needs! I’m a whore, but I’m also a therapist. I serve a special purpose for horny lonely men, and I want to make sure my clients understand what they can expect from me. When a man comes to me, the first thing I’ll do is sit down beside him and get to know him. That first conversation is the most important part of the session – I need to know what issues and struggles he’s dealing with, so I can better understand how I can help.

Once I have my bearings, I’ll move forward with the session. I can focus on traditional therapy, where I’ll talk with him to gain more insight into his feelings and emotions or, we can get right down to it. I start by getting him comfortable by having him take his clothes off – clothes are always optional. Once he’s stripped down, I take my big wet mouth and wrap it around his cock. I suck and slurp, licking and teasing, fixing the man in a state of pure bliss. Once his rod is as big as it can be, I sit him down on the bed and open my legs.

I let him enter me, and can feel him getting rock hard and filling me with his manhood. I gasp for pleasure as he starts to move inside me, taking us both over the edge. When we near climax I take pause, teasing his off his seed. I then roll over and invite him to take his anger out on my tight ass. He rams his entire length inside me, pushing deep and hard. His hands grip my curves as if his life depends on it, and his veins feel like they’re about to pop as he lets out an orgasmic scream and pumps his cum inside me. Afterwards, I know my client will be feeling renewed and invigorated. Phone sex therapy can do wonders for somebody, and I take pride in being able to provide them with this service.Phone sex therapist


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