Sensual Summer night with GFE Beth.


GFE phone sex

Sensual Summer Night

Let me set the scene of our GFE phone sex fantasy. We are in my backyard and it is pitch black out. My string of fairy lights gives just enough light off to make out each other’s faces. I push you down onto the lounge chair and start to strip slowly. Revealing different pieces of my body one at a time. I can see you growing impatient. You want your hands on my beautiful naked body, but I am in the mood to tease you. 

We have all night and I want to enjoy every second of you. I walk behind you and lean over your shoulder. The weight of my tits press into your back as I unzip your pants. Using just the tip of my finger I drag it up and down your dick. It is rock hard and aching for me isn’t it love? You want me as much as I want you. Walking back around I lower my plump ass into your cock. 

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