Ass Fetish brings me to Miami

Ass fetishAss Fetish brings me to Miami for my birthday! My baby always tells me that three of my best assets are my eyes, my 1,000-watt smile, and my big tan ass. Unsurprisingly, he wants to take me to Miami Velvet for my birthday today. I know he wants to watch a big 9-inch dick of a stranger slide in and out of my ass. He thinks he is fooling me, but I know what he hungers for. He always comes back to me, because I will let him go anal crazy. 

But enough about Baby, I wonder what will make my pussy wet at Miami Velvet? Will it be the women licking each other’s clit? Will it be the strangers touching for the first time? Will it be the way I use my top two assets, my eyes, and my smile to look at a man and lick and suck the head of his beautiful cock while baby watches? To be determined………..

Ass Sex Porn


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