Forced crossdressing wear corset, panties, and stockings.

          Forced crossdressing wear corset, panties, and stockings. That is to say you don’t have a say. You will do as you’re told. Now as long as that is understood. Then the rest of your travels into being made to look like a sissy slut whore is going to be much easier. To be sure we could go with the stereo typical colors of pink, red, and purple. Since little boys have blue. Little girls have pink but hence forth I do believe black lace is what you will wear.

          On the negative you will have the cum stains that will be obvious. On the positive side like the pink and red you won’t be able to see the blood from those huge cocks that rip you apart. In due time it will be much harder to make you bleed.

          In the long run you will come to see that being a sissy slut whore is because you have a tiny dick and needed the forced feminization to become the bitch that you are going to be. All in all, you will be forced into tight clothes. You will learn they aren’t at all comfortable. That is why they are frilly and sexy looking. Anything but.

          Given these points the last thing you will learn before going out into the world is how-to walk-in stiletto heels.

Forced crossdressing

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