Naughty Teacher Gets All The Daddies Off

I am the hot teacher all the dads want.  I have done so many crazy things in that classroom that if the walls could talk they would tell stories for hours and hours. Teachers do not make a lot of money and I like the finer things in life, so what is a girl to do? I sell my sweet pussy to the dads. I do all the things their wives won’t. I have no limits so I will do anything from amazing blowjobs to more extreme shit. I have even helped dads molest their crotch goblins. That is my main income. I charge a fee and conduct a session where Dad can live out all his fantasies of fucking, licking, and playing with bald little pussies or little dicks. I hold them down and make sure the rugrats say anything to anyone.  It is hot seeing their dads play with their little bodies. Most times I just sit in the corner watch and play with my pussy but there are times the dads want me to get involved. So fucking hot!

naughty teacher

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