Erotic roleplaying with nurse Loretta!

I love Erotic roleplaying my favorite is playing the nurse taking care of a horny patient! Daddy came home last night and I met him at the door in my favorite slutty nurse costume. “Good evening Doctor.” With a drink for him in my hand and his bath water hot and ready for him to get in. He gets in the tub and follow right behind him and start to rub his body with soap with one hand while I stroke his cock with the other. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my pussy across his cock while I shove my tongue in his mouth and kiss him deeply.

We got out the tub and he picked me up and shoved his cock in my tight little cunny and began pounding me making me scream and moan. I love when daddy digs in my guts no holds bar making me cream and squirt all over him. He took me to the bedroom bent me over the bed and shoved his cock in my ass while he played with my clit driving me wild. He pounded and pounded until he exploded in my asshole leaving me in the bed sweaty and drained in pieces on the bed.




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