Bisexual Black Princess

Beautiful ebony pussy

I’m Divina, a sexy black princess. I have mouthwatering curves, big tits and a phat ass. When I walk into a room, all eyes are on me. I love sucking cock and eating pussy. Yes, I’m bisexual.
I love a big, hard cock. I love being on my knees sucking and licking your dick. Go ahead and grab the back of my head, I can deep throat like a porn star. I love twirling my tongue around the tip and watching your face light up in ecstasy. I want to suck you dry, I promise to never waste a drop.
If you’re a good boy…I’ll let you watch me and my bestfriend fuck. We’re really into having an audience, so you can invite some of your friends. You’ll love watching me lick all over her wet pussy. I dare you not to cum when we 69.  You and your friends can gangbang us, fill all of our holes. Then shower us in thick, milky cum. Call me…I’m waiting.        Divina


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  1. Eric

    So fucking hot baby. I want to watch you and your friend lick my cum off of each other.

  2. Chuck

    Hmmm babygirl, that was fucking hot as shit! I’ll be back baby, I guarantee it!

  3. Donald

    MAN! i want to be ther for that shit!

  4. Andre

    I want to shove my big black cock inside that pretty pussy!

  5. Ian

    What a pretty chocolate pussy!

  6. Tyrese

    You are so sexy Chocolate hottie!!

  7. Brian

    I got a big fat dick for you to deepthroat right here baby!

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