Bisexual Girlfriend

Great Blowjobs

Nothing gets me quite as wet as getting both a man and a woman in bed with me at the same time. I invited my friend over so she could introduce me to her new boyfriend. What I didn’t realize was that they were both super kinky and looking for a third player to join them tonight. It was his fantasy to have two sexy chicks worshipping his cock, sucking and licking his balls while they played with each other.

Being a good friend, I agreed right away as we all got naked and started fooling around together. We switched off between sucking the shaft and the balls, alternating until his dick was throbbing and twitching. He bent my friend over and started plowing her while she buried her face in my slit. Her tongue felt so amazing on my clit, all I could do was moan as I pushed her deeper into my juicy cunt. Fuck yes, eat me just like that!

Laying her man on his back, she straddled his face so he could eat her out while I rode him. I bounced up and down until I was cumming all over his giant rod and my friend was cumming on his face. Getting to our knees, we let him jerk his load onto our titties and licked it off each other. It was an awesome time!

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