Divina’s Treat

Hot sexy woman

     I would consider myself a slut and yes at times I can do some of the kinkiest things in the world to my friends and often yes nice willing young men in the neighborhood. I would lay in bed and wonder who was going to be touching my sweet little nub and moisturize it for the day. I spent several moments on the phone with this local guy in my church fingering my little snip little clit and fantasizing about I wanted that hard thick cock in my throbbing ass hole. My ass would become so wet from my juices that I would take whatever I had around the house and shove it deep inside my ass and pick at those walls and  finger my clit so hard that I am sure the neighbors heard. But ,I didn’t care just as long as I was cumming I didn’t care, about any of that.

     I wanted most of all to find a friend on the other end of the phone who was as kinky and while as I was. To have him probe at my inner hole and ram it up so hard that the pressure caused my body to shake on impact. His dick would be so long and juicy and I wanted it all so bad that I was willing to stay on the phone with him for hours to feel that heat and liquid exchange go down my leg. We would talk for hours about his massive over hung cock coming and probing into my nice little asshole. And pinching at my tight little cunt hole. It was so hard not to be without him getting me off that I would wait for him to call me no matter what time of day it was. I just needed it and badly. My fingers are inserted in this strawberry dipped filled cunt hole just waiting for you cum inside and take your darkest pleasures out on its cream filled goodness. Are you ready?

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