Doc Rebecca wants to play with your balls

I have this fetish and I must admit I do not know where I get it, but I have a secret collection of cock and ball pics. I take them with my clients permission of course. I have every kind of picture you can imagine from small to large and even massively insane cock pictures. I have a fetish for the way the balls sit right under the cock and all I do is imagine them in my mouth, or being able to fondle them. I love the sound they make when they are slapping against my ass when I am being pounded from the back by a client and he is so into he gets going really fast and thrusts over and over into me and I can hear the wet sloppy splashes of my cum and his. And to be honest in a weird way , I think balls are kind of cute, like an old man is adorable. Maybe I am the one that needs therapy. But I still love balls and cock too.

Sex therapy porn


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  1. Rick

    you couldn’t handle my balls

  2. Trenton

    Juggle my fat balls in your wet mouth!

  3. Lonny

    I’d be happy to send you some pics for your collection!

  4. Oliver

    I’ll send you some pictures of my cock and balls loaded and ready for you

  5. Don

    You make my cock hard

  6. Fred

    I would love to show you my cock and balls!

  7. Bob

    I need therapy

  8. Adam

    I need an appointment

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