Double-Teamed at the Gym

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I had another intense workout at the 24-hour gym last night. Working out really gets my blood pumping. I get so horny when I sweat. I saw two guys walk into the sauna and decided to have some fun. I walked in wearing only a towel, my thick curves barely hidden. I dropped my towel and stood there naked, lettting them admire my big titties and ass. Both of their cocks stood to attention, they wanted me. I dropped to my knees and motioned for them to come to me. I took a cock in each hand. I went back and forth between the two big, hard dicks sucking and licking. One of them grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat, then the other guy had a turn with my throat. “I want you both inside me”, I moaned. They lifted me up between them and put a dick in my ass, and a dick in my pussy. It felt so good being double penetrated. They slid their cocks in and out of my two holes until they both came inside of me. I really love getting dicked down at my gym.

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