Erotic Roleplaying

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying has always been a specialty of mine.  You love when I am a kinky school girl or a fire lady saving your burning sex drive. I wear barley there outfits and assume any role easily. I think you like me being the police woman the best.  I arrest you for being too sexy and stealing hearts and making me wet. I handcuff you to the bed and straddle your naked body teasing the tip of your cock with my pussy. I don’t want you to touch me as that rock-hard penis tries to get in my hole. I tease the hell out of you until you beg for me to ride you.  I slip down a couple times making you groan in agony. Then my soaking hot box begins to ride fiercely. My tits bounce in your face as I slam my pussy over and over until I cum all over you. Mmmm, what else can I do to you? My mind has all kinds of ideas.

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