Great session with doctor Rebecca

I had another good session today. It was very healing. The client left satisfied and fulfilled as I knew he would be. I started planning his treatment for today yesterday evening. I had this notion as I was in the tub last night and was thinking about all of the naughty things he had confessed to me. I started to get really horny so I took my hand and and started rubbing my clit as it throbbed with the thought of him and as I took myself to the brink of pleasure, I let out a loud moan and it came to me what I needed to do to treat my client.

Best phone sex

I just needed to show him the love he had not had recently. I took our hour session and showed him how much I care, I loved his cock, his balls and worshiped his whole body with every ounce of me. He reciprocated and we had a wonderful session.

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