Hunting for a Sissy!

Sissy humiliation

Our favorite Sissy who we talk about constantly had a Sissy Day!!!

I had the pleasure of talking to our Sissy, well it wasn’t me talking it was more of him whining and being a little dick sissy fag who didn’t want to do what his Mistress told him to do!

Listening to him whine and beg made my ears bleed!

I was so tired of listening to him whine and then the most amazing thing happened.

I heard Phoenix slip out of his mouth.

I started laughing.

I am very familiar with the Phoenix area.

Small dick humiliation

Since our little fairy sissy was bitching so much about handing out her business cards on her Sissy Day I took it as my personal duty to make sure I found her. 

I went to Superstition Springs Mall in Gilbert looking for the sissy fag.

I was hoping to make her be my sissy slave for the day!

But She wasn’t there. 

Then I drove to Arizona Mills Mall and guess who wasn’t there! Our little Sissy FAG! 

After another stop at a few strip malls in Phoenix I went to Chandler Fashion Square.

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I couldn’t find out little piggy sissy any where. 

I even stopped and asked a few men, if they had seen a little faggot dressed as a piggy handing out cards.. No one saw anything. 

I purpose that The Sissy’s Mistress makes her little cock fagot sissy RE-DO her sissy day and make her hand out 2500 cards this time! 

My feet are sore, I am annoyed with our Sissy Faggot. 

I wanted to watch her pass out her cards..

Maybe even make her my pet piggy for the day. 

Oink, Oink

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