Making my Hubby drink your cum.

cuckold phone sexThe best thing about cuckold phone sex is the control I maintain over my husband. He is an old fart and he knows that his wrinkly old cock just can’t satisfy a woman like me. He’s a smart man who wants the world to think that he is still a virile old fucker who can  pump a young pussy like mine. He and I have an agreement. I make public appearances with him and make him look like a stud muffin. In turn, he approves of me getting some fine, thick cock. Of course, I must share the stories and the juicy leftovers with him.

Today, while he was napping, one of the neighbor boys dropped in. He is a handsome college hunk who I deflowered in his teens. (Mmmmm, that’s a story for another blog.) I was so glad that I was wearing my cute denim short and bikini top. It made for such easy access. He was so excited that he just flipped me over on the couch arm. He pounded me hard and quick with his big black cock. Right before he blew, I grabbed a glass from the nearby end table and asked him to cum it it for me. He jerked his monster fuck meat and filled the glass with a creamy froth.

When my hubby wakes up, I’m gonna surprise him with an extra creamy chocolate milkshake. I think he’ll love it!!!

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