Mistress Next Door

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Being a sneaky cheating whore is so much fun! Fucking around behind my neighbor’s wife’s back is such a thrill ride! As soon as her car leaves the driveway for work, I make sure to scurry over in nothing but a see through robe and heels! My neighbor gets so hard the minute he sees my tight naked body right through my robe. As soon as we’re inside, I drop my robe and he starts lapping up my wet warm pussy! He can’t get enough of my taste, his tongue flicks my throbbing clit and he shoves his fingers inside of my tight pussy.

I turned around and pulled his cock out of his boxers and right when I was about to give him a nice tongue bath- suddenly, we hear the door knob jiggle! Oh, shit It’s his wife! She walks in and looks shocked! My neighbor’s cock remained hard in my hand, but her presence wasn’t gonna stop me, “Have a seat, bitch. So I can show you how a real woman sucks dick,” I smirk. She listens to my orders and sits directly in front of us. I lather her husband’s cock with my tongue, running it up and down his thick shaft all the way down to his balls.

I turn around on all fours and spread my legs wide so she can take a look at my pink pussy and starburst asshole. I tell her to watch as her husband shoves his cock straight into my pussy and he fucks me so hard, his balls slap against my pulsing wet clit. I can tell she’s getting turned on as I grind on her husband’s cock. She starts fingering herself while he fucks me hard. I tell her to crawl over to us and lick my dripping wet pussy and his balls while he pumps his thick cum inside of me. Then I make the bitch slurp her husband’s cum out of my mistress cunt! <3

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